Happy Birthday! A blog post by Brandon Cunningham.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Okay, it may not be your birthday. Let’s assume I missed it. So, let this stand as my card or greeting for this year. What do birthdays have to do with ruts? Some people have cake¬†and get presents and cards. Other people get only some cards and maybe a call or two. Some … Read moreHappy Birthday! A blog post by Brandon Cunningham.

Sometimes I Lie to People

Sometimes I Lie

by Brandon Cunningham Sometimes, I lie to people. What does that mean? Why would someone confess that type of thing on a blog? Well to be honest (no pun intended,) part of getting out of a rut is to be honest. I tell people they have to break themselves out of the ruts they are … Read moreSometimes I Lie to People

What about today?

I am going to do something amazing. Something no one has ever done or will ever do again. Something no one thinks will happen including me. Until now. That’s right I am going to START! ¬†Seems like a simple thing but for most of us it is the point we never get past. If we … Read moreWhat about today?