Setting Goals to Achieve Success with This One Powerful Approach – BtR 266

Setting goals to achieve success with this one powerful approach

Nelson Tressler, the founder of, talks about setting goals to achieve success even if you were born into a rut. How Does Setting Goals Lead to Success? “Most people aim at nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy.” Joe Niego Someone else may have originally said the quote above about success, but I first … Read more

How to Create a Positive Mindset as a Christian Man – BtR 265

Shae Watson on How to Create a Positive Mindset as a Christian Man

PTSD-recovered Army veteran Shea Watson shares how to create a positive mindset by what we put in the pantries of our minds. “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ― Brian Tracy What are the Pressures Christian Men Face? Negative thought patterns are a … Read more

Ron Worley Intentional Living from Ditches to Riches – BtR 264

Intentional Living saved Ron Worley's Life

Homeless and addicted, Ron Worley hit rock bottom in life. Today, he is a business owner and millionaire through intentional living helping others do the same. What is Intentional Living? “Many people go through life aiming at nothing and hitting it with amazing accuracy.” – Joe Niego, real estate professional Ron Worley’s life was not … Read more

Brandon Bids Farewell and What’s Next for Beyond the Rut – BtR 260

Brandon bids farewell to Beyond the Rut

Brandon and Jerry share the origin story of Beyond the Rut, memorable moments from almost six years of podcasting together, and what’s next for Brandon. In This Episode The collaborative nature of the podcasting community The state of podcasting today versus six years ago The origin story of Beyond the Rut Memorable moments in Beyond … Read more

Mr. Pit-T the Fool Without a Positive Attitude – Sterling Andre Hunter BtR 256

Jerry Dugan and Mr Pit-T Sterling Andre Hunter discuss the power of a positive attitude.

  Sterling Andre Hunter, aka Mr. Pit-T, shares the benefits of having a positive attitude amidst a layoff during the COVID-19 pandemic and taking on a Mr. T persona. Power of a Positive Attitude March 2020 was a time of worry and emergency around the world when we were all faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. … Read more

How to Roar Back in Life After an Identity Crisis – Cherlyn Decker

Executive leader Cherlyn Decker faced an identity crisis when the career that defined who she is was gone in an instant over the phone.

Cherlynn Decker shares how to face an identity crisis by claiming new territory in life with your true identity. Cherlynn is the author of the book Roar Back: Transforming Struggle into Strength, and speaks with audiences worldwide on finding your true identity then claiming your territory in life like a lion by roaring back. Resources and … Read more

How to Prepare for Truly Living in Retirement – BtR 254

living in retirement - a conversation with Jacquie Doucette, host of Beyond Retirement podcast

Living in Retirement and Beyond Jacquie Doucette, host of Beyond Retirement, shares tips on how to prepare for truly living in retirement rather than simply waiting to die. As Jacquie contemplated her own retirement, she considered what came to mind when she thought about retirement life. What came to mind was a vision of sitting … Read more

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