Complacency Versus Contentment and the Value of Feedback – BtR 207

Brandon and Jerry discuss the differences between complacency and contentment and how to apply feedback to achieving your dreams. Connect with Us Subscribe on iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Spotify, Stitcher, or iHeartRadio and never miss an episode. Twitter @beyondtherut Facebook Beyond the Rut Email Music Attribution “Oceans Apart” is our theme song composed and performed by Scott Ian Holmes.

American Idol’s William Hung is a Champion by Choice – BtR 206

William Hung Champion by Choice American Idol

William Hung found his fame as a contestant on American Idol in 2004. Hung shares his story about turning an embarrassing defeat into a championship opportunity. His new book, Champion by Choice, shares his story and insights on how you can apply his lessons learned to create wins in your own life. William Hung A … Read more

Cody Byrns on Releasing the Scars that Hinder Mobility to a Better Future – BtR 205

Cody Byrns Burn Survivor Motivational Speaker

Burn survivor Cody Byrns shares his story of finding hope after surviving a car accident that covered his body in third-degree burns. Cody Byrns Cody Byrns is an internationally recognized speaker and a number one best-selling author. Cody’s life was drastically changed in May of 2013 when he was rear-ended by a box-truck that failed … Read more

From Medical Discharge to Blogging for a Living and Purpose – BtR 204

Blogger LeeAnn Fox discusses how she helps Christian writers get noticed on the Internet. This conversation includes how she tranformed her life after being medically discharged from the U.S. Navy. A high school dropout, LeeAnn taught herself how to blog for a living and a purpose. This is her story. LeeAnn’s Bio LeeAnn is passionate … Read more

John Turney Discusses How He Became a Writer at Word Fest 2019 – BtR 202

Life includes moments when you need to reinvent yourself. Author of Whiskey Sunrise shares his story about how he became a writer when he could no longer play guitar. About John Turney Author John Turney was born with a book in hand. While attending college, he took several creative writing classes and found himself smitten by words. … Read more

Changing Education by Helping Teachers, Parents and Schools Get Creative and Inspired – BtR 198

education on fire

Music teacher and podcaster Mark Taylor is changing education by helping teachers, parents and schools find creative ways to inspire students for a brighter tomorrow. Resources and Links Visit Education on Fire and listen to Mark’s podcast network. Listen to Mark’s interview with Jerry on the role parents have in educating their children in a … Read more

Freelance Your Way to Freedom with Vincent Pugliese – BtR 197

freelance your way to freedom

Photographer, podcaster and business coach Vincent Pugliese shares how to freelance your way to freedom to build the life you want to live. Beyond Being a Freelance Photographer Vincent Pugliese had just won national recognition for his work in photography. His company said thank you with a whopping $960 before taxes. “You have a skill … Read more

How Military Spouse Laura Pennington-Briggs Began a Successful Freelance Writing Business – BtR 196

Freelance Writing Business

Laura Pennington-Briggs was a military spouse who found her success by becoming a digital nomad running a successful freelance writing business. Becoming a Freelance Writer What can you do for your career when you’re a certified teacher and military spouse who moves every couple of years? In the case of Laura Pennington-Briggs, you leverage your … Read more

How to Get Unstuck When You Start with Your People – Brian Dixon – BtR 192

How to Get Unstuck

If you want to learn how to get unstuck and make the dream happen, entrepreneur Brian Dixon has a message for you: Start with Your People. How to Get Unstuck The truth on how to get unstuck is simple. If you start with helping your people get unstuck, you will also find yourself getting unstuck. … Read more

What is the Rut You Help People Get Out Of? – BtR 191

Help People

Brandon and Jerry hear from podcasters fro Podcast Movement 2019 share what they do to help people get out of their ruts. What is the rut you help people get out of? People Are Stuck in a Rut? You Can Help Them. We all face a rut of some kind, and we all can use … Read more