Mike Simmons helps people apply the two by two method of making the best key decisions when the moments arise.

The Catalyst for Success: Mike Simmons’ Strategies for Goal Setting and Execution – BtR 394

Unleash your potential as Mike Simmons, the catalyst seeker, disrupts the status quo, shatters limitations, and guides you to achieve your goals through innovative thinking and a simplified game plan.

Strategy for Execution

Does this sound familiar? You’ve been told to simply set goals and work hard to achieve your dreams, but despite your efforts, something is still missing. The pain of putting in all that effort and not seeing the results you desire can be discouraging and demotivating. It’s time to break free from this ineffective cycle and discover the strategies that will truly unleash your potential and lead you to success.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the strategies to tap into your hidden talents for personal and professional growth.
  • Learn proven techniques to set meaningful goals and stay motivated to achieve them.
  • Effectively plan and execute your goals for maximum success.

My special guest is Mike Simmons

Meet Mike Simmons, a seasoned professional who has leveraged his experience from the corporate world, including his time with the Walt Disney Company, to help individuals like you gain clarity and achieve their goals. 

As the founder of Catalyst Sale, Mike understands the struggles of feeling stuck and stagnant in life and career. Through his two by two process, he offers practical tools and strategies to help you break free from the rut and make meaningful decisions. 

Mike’s relatable approach and personal experiences make him a trusted guide in goal setting and execution. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with the knowledge and insights you need to create a life worth living. Join us as we dive deep into Mike’s story and discover how you can apply his expertise to your own journey.


00:05:53 – Recognizing the Need for Change

00:07:41 – Using the Energy and Impact Model

00:10:21 – The Power of “Two-by-Twos”

00:13:34 – Simplifying Complexity

00:14:59 – Clarity and Goal Setting

00:16:39 – Thinking about the End Result

00:19:39 – Taking Action and Gaining Clarity

00:22:32 – Find My Catalyst Podcast

00:27:16 – Efficiency in Action

00:28:11 – Applying Lessons from Other Markets 

Gain new perspectives to unlock innovative ideas and embrace change.

The conversation between Jerry Dugan and Mike Simmons encourages us to seek different perspectives and engage with experts from various fields. This can help us think differently about our work, fostering innovation and creativity. Embracing this change in perspective not only stimulates out-of-the-box thinking but also significantly enhances our adaptability, resilience, and problem-solving abilities in an ever-evolving professional landscape.

Unleash your potential through personal and professional growth.

Mike Simmons advocates for individuals to strive for both personal and professional growth to fully realize their potential. His discussion with Jerry Dugan highlights the importance of continuous learning and seeking insights from various sources to enhance our understanding and broaden our horizons. Through dedicated effort, we can cultivate new skill sets, deepen our knowledge, and become well-rounded individuals capable of navigating real-world challenges with ease and confidence.

Master the art of goal setting and execution to achieve your dreams.

Simmons emphasizes the importance of effective goal setting and execution in achieving desired outcomes. This involves clearly defining your objectives, devising strategic actions to reach them, and holding yourself accountable with measurable metrics. With this focused approach, individuals can effectively track their progress, mitigate obstacles in a timely manner, and move steadily toward their dreams.

Mike Simmons – Helping You Find Your Catalyst

Mike Simmons is the founder who candidly admits to struggling with first-person communication. Despite this, his mission is clear: to offer assistance to others, particularly in the entrepreneurial space.

Mike Simmons Headshot

Simmons firmly believes that no founder should face failure due to a lack of sales skills or the inability to impart those skills to their team. With over two decades of experience in high-growth technology companies as a revenue leader, he dedicates his expertise to aiding Founders, Sales Professionals, and Leaders in finding clarity and eliminating doubts about their work.

As a coach, enabler, and leader, Simmons is driven by the idea that one’s legacy is cemented through the cultivation of better leaders. His professional approach is a tapestry woven from unique processes, frameworks, methods, tools, and applied thinking.

He places significant emphasis on the articulation of strategy—the ‘How’—and its translation into tactics—the ‘What.’ Simmons understands that knowing what to do is one thing, executing it is another, and anticipating the next steps is crucial.

Throughout his career, Simmons has contributed his skills to SmartForce, which was later acquired by SkillSoft, O’Reilly Media, and has worked with clients such as Intel, Microsoft, MIT, the Walt Disney Company, Full Sail University, and numerous early-stage startups.

Simmons extends an invitation to those new to sales, or to any professional grappling with pipeline development (stalls) or growth challenges (expansion), to engage in a conversation and explore potential solutions.

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Sales is a Thinking Process by Mike Simmons

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