Wendy Jones is the host of the What I Meant to Say podcast. She helps parents give the gift of self-awareness and create generational healing for stronger families.

Generational Healing and the Gift of Self-Awareness – Wendy Jones – BtR 389

A mother’s journey of self-discovery and self-awareness becomes the catalyst for generational healing, as Wendy Jones breaks negative cycles to create stronger families and communities.

Do you want to create a positive and thriving family legacy that breaks free from negative patterns? Ready to build stronger bonds and foster healthier relationships within your family and community? Join us as we unveil the key solution to achieving generational healing, empowering parents and caregivers to cultivate lasting change. Discover the path to transforming your family’s story and creating a legacy of resilience, love, and growth.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the power of self-awareness in parenting, and unlock the key to understanding your own actions and reactions.
  • Create a safe and supportive environment for your children, giving them the nurturing foundation they need to thrive.
  • Break free from negative generational cycles, and create a brighter future for your family with generational healing.
  • Embrace personal growth and continuous learning, and become the best version of yourself for your children.
  • Unlock the transformative power of forgiveness and understanding, and strengthen your family and community bonds.

My special guest is Wendy Jones

Wendy Jones, the mother of four, a writer, and the founder of Be Better Media, joins Jerry Dugan on this episode of Beyond the Rut. With a passion for helping leaders and parents create a legacy of optimism, Wendy brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to the discussion. 

Her background as a certified yoga teacher and her love for athletics has shaped her perspective on self-awareness and breaking negative cycles. Wendy believes that self-awareness is the greatest gift we can give to the next generation, and through understanding ourselves, we can connect better with our children and create stronger families and communities. Get ready to dive into a conversation filled with practical insights and inspiring stories as Wendy and Jerry explore the need for generational healing and how to break negative cycles.


00:03:29 – Athletic Background and Lessons Learned, 

00:07:45 – The Gift of Self-Awareness, 

00:12:36 – Being Self-Supporting, 

00:14:42 – Parenting Challenges, 

00:15:58 – Growth Opportunities in Parenting, 

00:19:42 – Creating Safe Spaces, 

00:25:18 – The Importance of Generational Healing, 

00:27:51 – The Long-Term Impact of Generational Healing, 

00:30:45 – The Power of Learning and Forgiveness, 

00:34:15 – Expanding the Reach of Positive Messages, 

Discovering self-awareness in parenting is crucial for establishing a nurturing and flourishing relationship with your children. Wendy Jones amplifies the significance of understanding your patterns, strengths and areas of development in pursuing a more effective parenting approach. Embracing self-awareness can foster deeper connections with your children, helping them realize their potential constructively.

Creating a safe and supportive environment for your children encourages positive growth and independence. It’s essential for parents, like Wendy Jones suggests, to allow children the freedom to navigate their own challenges, reinforcing the value of resilience and personal development. This nurturing atmosphere promotes open dialogue, establishing trust and comprehensive understanding between parents and children.

Breaking free from negative cycles calls for a conscious effort in addressing generational patterns that contribute to familial discord. It’s about acknowledging these cycles, as Wendy Jones has done in her personal life, and proactively working towards disrupting them to improve emotional and mental well-being of all family members. Opting for healing over repetitiveness leads to the creation of a stronger, supportive and enriching family entity.

Wendy Jones – Be Better Media

Wendy Jones is the host of the What I Meant to Say podcast, Founder of Be Better Media, mom of four, storyteller, and lifelong athlete passionate about human connection. 

She believes the greatest gift we can give to the next generation is our own self-awareness. The goal of her podcast and platform is to connect us through the visions, stories, and life lessons of people rising in sports, business & life and uncover the optimism that is sometimes front and center, and other times under the surface. 

Throughout her journey, Wendy experienced many ‘What I Meant to Say’ moments. Since life doesn’t give us do-overs, she created a space to reflect and tell our stories again, with a little more grace for ourselves and the hope that we can help others, and all get a little better for having listened.


10 Ways to Find Optimism in Challenging Times” is a free pdf from Wendy Jones. You can find it on her website here. Be sure to scroll down to this heading to download this great resource.

consciousness is being aware of one’s body and environment, selfawareness is the recognition of that consciousness. Selfawareness is how an individual

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Learn more about how Wendy can help you create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career at BeBetterMedia.tv.

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