Andre Paradis is a life coach and ordained minister helping couples understand the dance between masculine and feminine energy in relationships for long-lasting, healthy marriage.

The Dance of Masculine and Feminine Energy in Strengthening Relationships – BtR 388

Andre Paradis shares a discussion about the dance of masculine and feminine energy to strengthen marriages.

The Dance Between Masculine and Feminine Energy

In a world where belonging seemed out of reach, one man found solace in an unexpected rhythm. Andre Paradis, a French Canadian from Quebec City, discovered a passion for dance that would change the course of his life. 

But little did he know, this journey would also unravel a profound understanding of the dynamics between masculinity and femininity in relationships. As he danced his way through the spotlight, Andre’s story took an unexpected twist, one that would leave us wondering how his extraordinary talent would shape the dance of love and connection.

Do you desire greater harmony and connection in your relationships? Are you seeking to understand and embrace the interplay between masculinity and femininity? 

Ballroom Dance 2

Join us as guest speaker Andre Paradis shares the key to achieving this desired outcome. Discover how embracing the complementary energies of masculinity and femininity can lead to enhanced unity and connection in your relationships. 

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to unlock the secret to a more fulfilling and balanced partnership.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Absorb the dance of masculine and feminine energy shaping relationship dynamics
  • Acknowledge the man’s paramount leadership role, as in a dance, and its valuable contribution to relationships
  • Steer towards hope by embedding potent strategies for fostering healthier relationships

My special guest is Andre Paradis

Have you ever thought that ballroom skills could contribute to building stronger relationships? Andre Paradis, a professional dancer, definitely thinks so. 

Born in Quebec City and discovered his knack for dancing at a young age, Andre has danced on stages with big names such as Paula Abdul and Julio Iglesias. Today however, his focus is on a different type of dance – the dance between masculine and feminine energy in heteronormative relationships. 

With his enriching experiences and insights from both the dancing world and life’s lessons, Andre has dedicated his life to helping others create healthier and more fulfilling relationships.


00:02:51 – Andre’s Career as a Dancer

00:09:02 – Meeting Andre’s Wife

00:11:35 – Andre’s Reflection on Finding Love

00:13:31 – The Importance of Trust and Vulnerability in Relationships 

00:15:29 – The Role of Leadership in Marriage 

00:18:28 – The Power of Gender Differences in Relationships 

00:21:48 – Building Trust and Consistency in Relationships 

00:26:30 – The Dance of Relationships

00:29:23 – Understanding Gender Dynamics

00:39:44 – The Impact of Society on Men

00:40:13 – Lack of Male Role Models and Resistance to Traditional Masculinity

00:42:18 – The Importance of Building Character to Balance Leadership and Sensitivity

00:53:33 – The Power of Femininity 

00:54:50 – Andre’s Mission

Encouraging Male Leadership in Relationships

Encouraging men to take lead roles in relationships sets a reassuring and relaxed atmosphere that complements feminine energy. This brings out the masculine qualities related to providing, protecting, and cherishing, essential for creating a comforting environment. However, it’s equally important to maintain balance, delicately interweaving leadership with sensitivity, thereby maintaining an atmosphere of respect and mutual valuing.

The Pivotal Role of Femininity

Femininity holds a significant place in relationships, creating a unique balance that sustains and nurtures partnerships. The feminine quality allows women to be more grounded, warm, and radiant, fostering an open and relaxed environment in the relationship. In a broader sense, it represents a priceless gift, uplifting men’s spirits and instilling a sense of protection and value.

The Delicate Interplay of Femininity and Masculinity

The interplay between femininity and masculinity dictates the balance and harmony in relationships. These representations of energy, when embraced and understood, can create a unique rhythm, much like in a dance where each part complements the other. It’s vital to note that displaying overly competitive traits or trying to replace one’s inherent energy with the other can disrupt this balance and the perceived value in the relationship.

Andre Paradis – Founder of Project Equinox

Relationship Coach, NLP Coach, Educator of Effective Communications, Published Writer, Public Speaker, and Ordained Minister. 

Andre’s mission in life is to teach & empower people! Andre is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, business owner, and artist who is now focusing his professional energy on teaching singles and couples how to create and maintain successful relationships. He is committed to this mission.

Andre has been happily married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife Nancy, who is also a former professional dancer and current dance instructor. They live in the San Fernando Valley with their two children. A proud French-Canadian, Andre was born and raised in Quebec City, with his three brothers and sister.

Paradis’s dance career has put him on stages with legendary acts such as Prince, Paula Abdul, and Julio Eglesias to name a few. 

It was when Andre married his wife and attended a workshop called “Understanding Women” that he became a passionate student on healthy relationships learning from other experts such as Dr. Pat Allen, Dr. Esther Perel, Dr. John Gray, Shantie Feldhan, and Alison Armstrong). 

This calling was so powerful that he sold his business and focused on Project Equinox Coaching to help men and women learn how to successfully dance between masculine and feminine energy for stronger, long-lasting, loving relationships. 


Download Andre’s FREE eBook, “3 C’s of Relationships,” and learn the secret to long-lasting love. 

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