Shemaiah Reed is living beyond the examples of conformity in life and experiencing fulfillment in what he does at work and in life.

Living Beyond Examples of Conformity in Everyday Life with Shemaiah Reed – BtR 387

In a world where examples of conformity in everyday life surround us, Shemaiah Reed embarked on a journey of discovery to break free and live with purpose and fulfillment.

Beyond Examples of Conformity in Life and Career

VerywellMind describes conformity as “the act of changing your behaviors in order to fit in or go along with the people around you.”

Conformity is a word that gets searched over 100,000 times a month and has even been a hot topic of discussion on Quora about examples of conformity. Why does it make us feel trapped and stuck in a rut? Why do we go along with it overall? Shemaiah Reed was faced with that struggle right out of college. 

Conform and take on a career he did not want, or pursue something that would take more time and give him more of a sense of fulfillment in the long run.

As Shemaiah immersed himself in the world of radio, his humble beginnings and insatiable curiosity propelled him forward. But what would happen when his passion collided with new avenues and unforeseen challenges?

The answer lies in the untold chapters of his extraordinary story, a tale of resilience, faith, and the unwavering belief that there is always a path beyond the current circumstances.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Embrace the journey of pursuing your dreams and discovering your life’s unique purpose.
  • Triumph over personal obstacles and societal norms for unparalleled growth and self-realization.
  • Explore the art of self-reflection and assess the path your life is taking.
  • Understand the importance of taking charge of your life and the choices you make.
  • Envision possibilities beyond your immediate environment and circumstances. List 2:

My special guest is Shemaiah Reed

Shemaiah Reed is an inspiring voice on I Am Refocused Radio and in the world of media, using his journey from humble beginnings to pave a path of self-discovery for others. 

With an educational background in philosophy and business, he has motioned towards a life of meaning and purpose. Shemaiah is a master of his day job in radio while spearheading a successful side hustle, a production studio. 

His experience working with different people and clients on radio shows has given him a unique perspective on life, dreams, and generational legacies.


00:01:10 – Finding Purpose After College,

00:02:45 – Shemaiah’s Professional Journey,

00:07:24 – The Power of Listening,

00:11:45 – Overcoming Challenges After College,

00:13:31 – Pursuing Passion and Finding Purpose,

00:14:48 – The Value of Serving,

00:16:09 – The Danger of Ego,

00:20:19 – The Power of Reflection,

00:27:12 – Overcoming Challenges,

Explore the art of self-reflection and assess the path your life is taking

This value emphasizes the significance of self-reflection, a critical tool for personal development and life assessment. Periodic self-evaluation provides deeper insights into your life’s trajectory and aids in aligning it with your aspirations. This inward exploration fosters clarity, encouraging adjustments and changes necessary for the attainment of personal and professional goals.

Embrace the journey of pursuing your dreams and discovering your life’s unique purpose

This key value urges you to recognize that the pursuit of dreams and purpose is a journey. It’s a path filled with self-discovery, unexpected twists, and inspiring moments. Staying open, adaptable, and committed are essential to embracing this journey, allowing you to grow and evolve as an individual.

Triumph over personal obstacles and societal norms for unparalleled growth and self-realization

Overcoming personal barriers and societal expectations is central to unparalleled growth and self-actualization. It’s about liberating oneself from limiting beliefs and stereotypes, enabling substantial personal growth. By refusing to be confined by others’ expectations, you foster an environment that cultivates self-recognition and advancement.

Examples of Conformity in Everyday Life for Men (Not all serious, but some)

  1. You must express a love for sports
  2. Attempting to crush each other’s hands with a “firm” handshake
  3. Have thoughts about the Roman Empire? (Okay, I just wanted to fill the list with that one.)
  4. Missing family events for work
  5. Careers that pursue leadership, dominance, “in charge”
  6. Not showing emotions, not showing “weakness”
  7. Showing and expressing toughness (e.g. owning a pick up truck when you rarely need one)

Shemaiah Reed – Host of “I Am Refocused Radio”

As his experience in the radio industry grew, Shemaiah Reed had the opportunity to expand his skills to other areas of media. His side hustle, a production studio, allowed him to explore photography and video work.

This opened up new avenues for him and allowed him to apply the valuable skills he had learned in radio to different contexts. His journey also taught him the importance of resilience and perseverance, with his ebook ‘Stay Focused’ encapsulating his belief in sticking to the process.

Through all of the ups and downs, the one constant in his life was his faith and the guiding principle that staying true to your goals and dreams is the only way to ensure success.

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