Jerry is sharing four powerful tips to help healthcare managers quell quiet quitting making for safer patient outcomes, less nurse turnover and more.

4 Stakes in the Ground for Healthcare Managers to Quell Quiet Quitting (JERRY’S SHORT JS023)

Discover the four essential strategies healthcare managers need to implement in order to effectively quell quiet quitting and boost employee engagement in their organizations.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Create a sense of ownership that boosts employee engagement
  • Set goals and provide feedback with employees showing them career growth
  • Build and maintain trust so that your team become advocates for the organization

The Problem with Quiet Quitting

Quiet quitting is when employees disengage from their work and organization without making their dissatisfaction known. These individuals may continue to show up and complete their tasks, but they need more enthusiasm, motivation, and commitment. 

Quiet quitters often fly under the radar, making it challenging for managers to identify and address their concerns before they decide to leave.

This impacts important areas of healthcare such as safety, patient experience, and voluntary turnover of not only the disengaged employees but other employees on the team as well. It may even put significant risk on global healthcare according to the National Institute for Health.

What Can Healthcare Managers Do?

Healthcare managers should listen to this episode titled “4 Stakes in the Ground for Healthcare Managers to Quell Quiet Quitting” because it provides valuable insights and strategies for empowering healthcare teams. 

The episode emphasizes the importance of creating a culture where team members feel empowered to take action and report unsafe situations. It also highlights the significance of helping employees navigate their careers for success and celebrating wins while acknowledging the challenges and losses in the healthcare industry. 

The episode offers practical advice on building trust, setting goals, providing feedback, and reinforcing positive behavior within the team dynamics. By implementing the strategies discussed in this episode, healthcare managers can boost morale, foster a sense of care and connection, and provide growth opportunities for their employees, ultimately reducing turnover and improving overall team performance.

Empowering Healthcare Teams

Healthcare leaders need to create an environment where their teams feel empowered to take action and report unsafe situations. By helping them navigate their career for success and celebrating wins, leaders can motivate their teams to provide the best care possible.

Goal Setting and Feedback

Leaders should work with individuals to identify their goals and align them with the organization’s objectives. By providing feedback that focuses on the desired behavior and its impact, leaders can guide their teams towards achieving those goals.

Building Trust

Trust is crucial in healthcare leadership. Leaders should prioritize trust-building by being transparent, open to feedback, and involving their teams in decision-making processes. By empowering their people and recognizing their efforts in a genuine and specific way, leaders can foster a culture of trust and collaboration.

These three key learning points highlight the importance of empowering teams, setting goals, providing feedback, and building trust in healthcare leadership to create a successful and supportive work environment.


00:01:19 Healthcare Crisis: Employee Burnout and High Turnover Rock the Industry
00:05:39 Healthcare’s Battle: Tackling Employee Engagement and Turnover with Compensation Adjustments and Career Pathways
00:08:36 Building Leadership Stakes: Mobilize, Adapt, and Succeed
00:15:20 Building Success through Goal Setting Feedback: Recognizing the Impact of Your Actions
00:17:34 Building Trust: Empowering Your Team for Success in Healthcare


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Hosted and Edited by Jerry Dugan