Danielle Bernock is a life coach, author, and speaker helping people heal from their silent wounds of emotional trauma to live a fulfilled life.

Unmasking Silent Wounds to Heal from Emotional Trauma with Danielle Bernock – BtR 390

What happens when the wounds of the past leave us feeling lost and broken? Brace yourself for a story that will show how the power of love and self-worth makes it possible to heal from our silent wounds and define on our own terms living a life worth living beyond the rut.

Emotional Trauma and Its Silent Wounds

If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of self-blame and shame, constantly replaying the traumatic events in your mind, then you are not alone! Despite your efforts to move forward, the wounds of your past continue to haunt you, preventing you from finding the healing you seek. Instead of experiencing self-empowerment and love, you may find yourself stuck in a state of emotional paralysis, unable to break free from the grip of your silent wounds.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the path to healing from trauma and unlock a life of empowerment and happiness.
  • Uncover the profound impact of childhood emotional neglect and learn how to address it for a brighter future.
  • Understand the lasting effects of trauma on relationships and behaviors, and find strategies to rebuild and strengthen them.
  • Explore positive coping mechanisms and embrace the power of self-awareness in your journey towards healing.
  • Experience the transformative healing power of self-love and learn how to embrace unconditional love for yourself and others.

My special guest is Danielle Bernock

Meet Danielle Bernock, a dynamic speaker, coach, and the host of the Victorious Souls podcast. With her unique blend of empathy and expertise, Danielle is passionate about helping individuals who have experienced trauma and are silently wounded. Through her own personal journey of healing, Danielle has gained valuable insights into the impact of trauma on relationships and the importance of addressing these wounds for personal growth.

Her mission is empowering others to recognize and heal from their invisible wounds, allowing them to step into their true potential and pursue their greatness. With her warm and compassionate approach, Danielle offers practical tools and encouragement to guide individuals on their healing journey. Get ready to be inspired as Danielle joins Jerry Dugan on Beyond the Rut to dive deep into the topic of healing from trauma and finding true freedom.


00:03:20 – What Does it Mean to be Silently Wounded?

00:05:37 – The Impact of Fatherhood on Relationships

00:07:43 – Unaddressed Trauma and Its Effects

00:09:32 – Childhood Emotional Neglect and Healing

00:14:02 – The Impact of Unaddressed Trauma,

00:16:25 – The Importance of Safety and Basic Needs,

00:18:39 – Coping Mechanisms and the Dangers of Excessive Behavior,

00:27:23 – Unconditional Love and the Dark Side,

00:31:25 – Recognizing the Value of Every Person,

00:33:56 – Doing the Work to Heal,

Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Families – The Victorious Souls Podcast

In my interview with Danielle Bernock, she makes a reference to a conversation she and I had on her show, The Victorious Souls Podcast. Here is that interview below.

Uncover the profound impact

The episode sheds light on the profound impact of trauma, specifically its long-lasting effects on individuals. As Danielle explains, trauma can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues and significantly impact one’s quality of life. Yet, through understanding and acknowledging the depth and complexity of these impacts, individuals can begin their journey towards healing and reclaiming their lives.

Understand the lasting effects

Understanding the lasting effects of trauma is a key aspect of the healing journey. This episode highlights how untreated trauma can result in serious health issues, relational problems, and difficulty in managing emotions. However, Danielle stresses the importance of recognizing these effects as a normal response to abnormal events, offering hope and a better perspective for those who have experienced trauma in their lifetime.

Discover the path to healing

Through Danielle Bernock’s insights, listeners can discover the path to healing from trauma. While trauma significantly impacts the individual’s mental, emotional, and physical health, Danielle highlights the essential role of self-empowerment in the healing process. Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging and addressing silent wounds, Danielle introduces a healing process that includes seeing, exposing, lavishing love, and achieving freedom from the impacts of trauma.

Danielle Bernock – Host of The Victorious Souls Podcast

Danielle Bernock founded 4F Media (Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom) in 2014 to promote inner healing and personal freedom through the power of ‘The LOVE that heals’, using all forms of media, beginning with her first book Emerging With Wings.

The following quote from the book has gone viral: “Trauma is personal. It does not disappear if it is not validated. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock, Emerging With Wings: A True Story of Lies, Pain, And The LOVE that Heals

Danielle is an international, award-winning author, speaker, podcast host, and trauma-informed self-love coach who helps men, women, and organizations EMERGE with clear vision of their value, TAKE ownership of their choices, and CHART a path to their promise, becoming Victorious Souls who Embrace The Change from survive to thrive through the power of the love of God.

She has authored 4 books, written for numerous online publications, and her stories have been published in two book anthologies. Her mantra is “love yourself from survive to thrive”, and she’s known as “that lady on the internet who loves you.” A long time follower of Christ, Danielle lives with her husband in Michigan near her adult children and grandchildren.

For more information or to connect with Danielle daniellebernock.com


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