Jon Mayo is the author of Be Relentless coaching people how to apply sisu to live an integrated rather than compartmentalized life.

Sisu and Significance: Crafting a Life Worth Living – BtR 405

In the pursuit of personal fulfillment and resilience, Jon Mayo champions the ethos of Sisu stamina to create a life worth living as both a mantra and a guiding principle.

Shedding Compartmentalization with Relentless Action

Have you heard these myths about unifying all aspects of life?

Myth #1: You have to sacrifice one area of your life for another.
Myth #2: Personal growth is a solo journey.
Myth #3: Intentional living is only for the spiritually inclined.

Jon Mayo will share the truth and help you achieve a unified and fulfilling life.

If you’re feeling frustrated and stuck in a cycle of self-improvement methods that aren’t producing the results you desire, then you are not alone! You may find yourself constantly seeking guidance from self-help books, podcasts, or seminars, only to feel like you’re still missing the mark.

Instead of experiencing the unification of your personal, professional, and spiritual life, you may be feeling overwhelmed and disconnected.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Harness the importance of relationships and influence for personal empowerment.
  • Unify all aspects of life to create a harmonious and impactful existence.
  • Prioritize personal development and discipline to achieve your full potential.

My special guest is Jon Mayo

Joining Jerry Dugan on this episode is Jon Mayo, an army veteran, author, and podcaster. Known for his expertise as a waymaker, Jon guides individuals in redefining success and unifying all facets of life to achieve greater fulfillment.

With his unique insights into intentional living, Jon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the conversation, offering practical tools and inspiring stories that will resonate with those seeking to align their personal values with their daily lives.

What is Sisu?

“Sisu” is a Finnish concept that encompasses determination, resilience, courage, and perseverance in the face of adversity. It is often described as an inner strength or tenacity to overcome challenges and persist in achieving goals, even when the odds seem insurmountable. Sisu is deeply ingrained in Finnish culture and is celebrated as a key aspect of resilience and mental toughness.

Jon Mayo’s journey through the military sparked a realization that would change the course of his life. As he reflected on his experiences, he recognized the need to unify all aspects of his life. The wake-up call came when he saw the impact of his compartmentalized self on his family.

He vowed to become a unified person across all domains of his life. This defining moment led him to make the bold decision to exit the service and embark on a new path to prioritize his role as a husband and father.

Jon’s story is a powerful reminder of the importance of personal growth and intentional living. His journey serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking to find unity and fulfillment in their own lives., Jon Mayo’s military career brought about a profound realization that would reshape his trajectory.

Immersed in the demands of service, he grappled with the repercussions of compartmentalizing different aspects of his life. Witnessing the toll it took on his family, he made a pivotal decision to pursue unity across all facets of his existence. This transformative moment spurred him to depart from the military and embark on a journey dedicated to prioritizing his role as a husband and father.

Jon’s narrative resonates deeply with those on a quest for personal growth and intentional living. It serves as a compelling testimony, inspiring individuals to seek harmony and fulfillment across all spheres of their lives.


00:01:10 – Military Experience and Role

00:08:32 – Purposeful Career Path

00:12:47 – Officer’s Role and Leadership

00:15:11 – The Turning Point: Facing Personal Challenges

00:18:56 – Reframing Pain and Leveraging Pain

00:21:57 – Creating a Vision for Personal Transformation

00:26:27 – Self-Reflection and Realization of Ideal Self and Purpose

00:31:00 – Personal Contracts and Intentional Living

Embrace intentional living and personal growth.

Intentional living refers to living a purposeful and deliberate life that aligns with one’s values. By encouraging listeners to embark on a journey of personal growth, Jon Mayo emphasizes the need for self-improvement and self-appreciation. This key value, resonating throughout the episode, urges individuals to realign their personal and professional lives with their true beliefs and desires for a more fulfilling existence.

Unify all aspects of life.

The unification of all life aspects emerges as a crucial theme in the episode. Mayo illustrates how compartmentalization, though helpful in some scenarios, can lead to inconsistencies and conflicts in one’s personal and professional life. He encourages a sense of unity and alignment across all areas, advising listeners to take an all-encompassing view of their lifestyles for harmonious living and substantial personal growth.

Cultivate meaningful relationships and influence.

Jon Mayo’s experiences reveal the power of positive relationships and their potential to conjure influence. He underscores the importance of sincere connections over hierarchical authority, suggesting that true power lies in mutual respect and shared learning. This key value presents the idea that our relationships can significantly impact our personal growth, leading to richer, more rewarding lives.

This is Jon Mayo’s story:

Jon is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and strategic advisor who aims to provoke thought and incite positive action. He is the founder of the WayMaker Community, where he works to help men pursue significance, create immense value, and build strong communities, with a special passion for aiding fellow veterans in reclaiming their purpose post-service and forging their second mission.

Additionally, as the founder of Iron Front Solutions, he pioneered the STRIVE Methodology to empower organizations and individuals to bring their visions to life. He also co-founded the ULA Universe to create tools, such as Sisu Stamina Energy Chews, that help high performers thrive. With over a decade of experience across diverse sectors, Jon is a decisive, creative leader devoted to forging partnerships, catalyzing transformation, and working with organizations and individuals to optimize performance and fulfill their potential.

Furthermore, Jon is happily married and the father of four amazing boys to whom he dedicates his life’s work. An avid Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete, he is also enthusiastic about adventure. To connect with Jon, you may schedule a Virtual Coffee, or submit a contact form.


Listen to Jon’s interview of me on his show, The Jon Mayo Podcast where we talk about breaking the mold and defining success for a life well-lived.

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