Margaret Agard encourages people to balancing work and life by surrendering their to do lists to God and focusing on what matters most.

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Discover the secret to balancing work and life by surrendering control to a higher power and trusting in something greater than yourself, as Margaret Agard reveals the path to peace and harmony.

Margaret Agard encourages people to balancing work and life by surrendering their to do lists to God and focusing on what matters most.

“Giving my life to God was giving my to-do list to God.” – Margaret Agard

Surrendering Your To-Do List Balancing Work and Life

Are you a career-driven individual struggling to find balance in your life? Have you considered surrendering control to a higher power? 

Margaret Agard has the solution to help you achieve balance and harmony in your life through the power of letting go and trusting in something greater than yourself. Discover how to find peace and achieve balance by releasing control to a higher power.

My special guest is Margaret Agard

Meet Margaret Agard, a skilled writer and former high-tech executive who now dedicates her time to helping others find harmony between their careers and personal lives. 

Margaret’s journey began when she realized that her to-do lists and stress levels were unsustainable. By turning her focus toward what truly mattered, she found a renewed sense of purpose and balance. Margaret’s candid and genuine wisdom has inspired many to reevaluate their priorities and seek a more fulfilling life.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the value of surrendering control to better manage tasks and concentrate on areas of importance.
  • Find the key to harmonizing a successful career path with a purpose-driven life.
  • Unearth the importance of a strong vision and flexibility when facing new and challenging situations.
  • Realize the impact everyday gestures can generate and the influence they can have on others.
  • Experience the rewards of entrusting your life to spiritual guidance for enhanced clarity and personal growth. 

Following Your Calling

Each person has a unique path in life, and recognizing one’s true purpose can lead to immense satisfaction and success. While following a given path may require a change in career or redirecting personal goals, the pursuit of an authentic calling creates a sense of alignment within one’s self. 

This alignment can result in a greater understanding of personal priorities and foster the growth of a balanced life. Margaret Agard’s story is a testament to the potential personal transformation that can come from following one’s calling. 

Ultimately, she transitioned from a successful career in high-tech sales to becoming a writer, driven by her higher power’s guidance. 

Despite the uncertainty and changes in her life, Agard was able to achieve balance by trusting her higher power, illustrating the significant impact that pursuing one’s true purpose can have on overall personal harmony.

Letting Go of To-Do Lists

To-do lists are often the universal sign of productivity, serving as a reminder of personal goals and daily necessary tasks. However, these lists can also be a source of stress and anxiety as they constantly remind individuals of the myriad responsibilities that require attention. 

Learning to let go of the to-do list and instead focus on essential tasks can provide a sense of relief and cultivate a more balanced life. In the podcast, Margaret Agard shares how she was able to overcome the stress brought on by her to-do lists by giving them to her higher power. 

By deliberately focusing on what was truly essential each day, she found that her life became more manageable and satisfying. Her story serves as a reminder that sometimes it is best to abandon the traditional to-do list to prioritize true priorities and find balance.

The Importance of Strategic Blocks

To strive for balance, setting aside time for personal growth, reflection, and mental health becomes crucial. These strategic blocks of time can be utilized for essential activities that contribute to personal development. They help maintain overall mental and emotional well-being, which is essential for preventing burnout and remaining motivated in the face of challenges. 

Margaret Agard’s journey highlights the significance of dedicating time to self-reflection and connecting with her higher power. By devoting herself to these moments of introspection, she was able to maintain her relationship with her higher power and be more receptive to its guidance. 

As a result, Agard found the strength and direction needed to embark on her new career path as a writer, illustrating the positive outcomes of dedicating time to self-improvement and spiritual nourishment.

Margaret Agard

Margaret Agard is an award-winning author, former executive in the high-tech industry, and mother of eight children, step-mother to seven (they were never all at home at the same time!) 

As Margaret Agard navigated the demanding world of high-tech executive positions, she struggled to find a balance between her career, family, and education. In her pursuit of a purpose-driven life, she began seeking guidance from a higher power, asking what she should do each day. 

Through this practice, Margaret discovered meaningful tasks that may have otherwise been overlooked. Over time, she transitioned from the high-tech industry to writing books and starting her own online business, finally achieving the balanced life she desperately sought.

She is currently writing her third memoir titled Love: Becoming One with Parker, from her house next to a lake in Florida– viewing lake, not swimming lake because, well, alligators.

Chapter Summaries:

00:00:00 – Surrendering Control to God, 

Margaret Agard shares her experience of surrendering control of her life to God, which helped her gain a sense of control over her life. She talks about how she started asking God each day what she needed to do and got answers that helped her prioritize things. 

00:06:12 – Surrendering Control Round Two, 

Margaret shares how she surrendered control of her life a second time and started asking God what he wanted her to do. This eventually led to her leaving her executive career and transitioning into becoming an author. 

00:09:38 – Following Your Calling, 

Margaret talks about how she followed her calling to become an author and how it was a step-by-step process. She also shares how she consulted and saved up a certain amount of money before crossing over to becoming an author. 

00:12:31 – Pursuing Your Passion, 

Margaret talks about how pursuing her passion for environmental science led to her taking a class with no prerequisites and eventually becoming an environmental science consultant. She encourages listeners to pursue their passions and take small steps towards their goals. 

00:16:36 – Letting Go of To-Do Lists, 

Margaret shares how letting go of her to-do lists and surrendering control to God helped her prioritize things that mattered most. She encourages listeners to let go of the small things that are taking up time and joy in their lives.

00:13:31 – Margaret’s Journey to Becoming an Author, 

Margaret shares how she stumbled upon Open Diary and started documenting her journey. She later turned her writings into a book, “I Gave My To-Do List to God.”

00:15:03 – Pat Flynn’s Similar Story, 

Jerry draws a comparison between Pat Flynn’s experience with his blog and Margaret’s experience with Open Diary. Both started documenting their journeys online and later turned it into something valuable for others.

00:17:29 – Surrendering the To-Do List, 

Margaret talks about how she surrendered her to-do list to God and prioritized the most important tasks. She advises doing this practice at night, reflecting on what’s important, and not adding more to the list.

00:19:26 – Trusting the Process, 

Margaret discusses how trusting in God’s plan helped her make the transition from consulting to becoming an author. She encourages listeners to have faith in the process, even if it doesn’t always make sense.

00:25:06 – The Importance of Strategic Blocks, 

Jerry and Margaret discuss the importance of taking strategic breaks to recharge and gain perspective. This time can be used for contemplation, prayer, and planning. Margaret shares how sometimes unexpected emergencies can occur during these blocks, but ultimately they serve a greater purpose.

00:26:48 – Prioritizing Your To-Do List, 

Margaret discusses how she prioritizes her to-do list by giving it up to God and being mentored rather than micromanaged. She also emphasizes the importance of letting go of things that don’t matter and focusing on the things she’s given to do.

00:29:13 – The Importance of Planning, 

Jerry and Margaret discuss the importance of planning, even though plans may not always go as expected. Having a plan gives you an inventory of your capabilities and limitations, which is crucial for success.

00:31:33 – The Gift of Marriage, 

Margaret shares the story of her second marriage, which she initially didn’t want. However, after receiving a promise from God, she committed to making all things whole. Her third book follows the arc from the promise to the fulfillment 25 years later.

00:33:12 – Don’t Wait for Perfect Conditions, 

Margaret’s final words of wisdom are to not wait for perfect conditions to pursue your dreams. Life is too short to live stuck in a rut, and the best time to start is now.

00:34:06 – Closing Thoughts, 

Jerry summarizes the conversation and encourages listeners to evaluate where they are to make sure their groove hasn’t become the next rut. He also teases the next episode with his friend Jay Twining, who will be discussing fatherhood.


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