Jay Twining is the host of Feel Good Fatherhood and is helping fathers break free of the mimetic traps that have them stuck in a rut.

Redefining Fatherhood and Overcoming Mimetic Traps with Jay Twining – BtR 366

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do you still feel disconnected from your children? You may be caught in mimetic traps that need to be broken. 

Jay Twining is the host of Feel Good Fatherhood and is helping fathers break free of the mimetic traps that have them stuck in a rut.

“The key elements… of getting out of the rut of maintaining momentum is that habit, that routine.” – Jay Twining

Breaking Free from Mimetic Traps in Fatherhood

It’s time to break free from the mimetic traps and discover the true transformative power of being a positive father figure. 

Join us in this episode and learn effective strategies to forge meaningful relationships with your children, overcome societal expectations, and become the engaged and attentive father you’ve always wanted to be.

My special guest is Jay Twining

Meet Jay Twining, a dedicated father, and husband who has made it his mission to support other dads in their journey through fatherhood. Jay hosts Feel Good Fatherhood, a YouTube show that offers valuable insights, stories, and guidance for fathers seeking to overcome societal pressures and live their best lives as dads. 

With experience in various fields, including video game development and teaching, Jay has a unique perspective on the role of fatherhood and how it can shape the lives of both children and parents. Through his show, Jay helps fathers navigate mimetic traps and build stronger relationships with their families.

This is Jay Twining’s story:

Jay was confronted with the weight of societal expectations on fatherhood. He felt an overwhelming sense of purposelessness and loneliness that countless men around the world similarly experience. Through his journey, Jay began to realize that the key to overcoming these feelings lay in challenging the traditional notions of masculinity and fatherhood. 

By embracing a nurturing role within his family and fostering deeper connections with others, Jay was able to break free from the mimetic traps that had previously dictated his life. In doing so, he discovered a more fulfilling and authentic way to be a father, opening up a brighter future.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the significant role of a positive father figure and its impact on the household.
  • Learn strategies to overcome mimetic traps and navigate societal expectations surrounding fatherhood.
  • Forge strong connections and lasting relationships with your children as a dedicated father.
  • Understand the importance of self-awareness and breaking the traditional molds of fatherhood.
  • Master the art of being present and involved in your children’s lives, nurturing them every step of the way.

Impact of Fatherlessness

Fatherlessness can have a tremendous effect on a child’s well-being. Absent father figures are often linked to higher rates of behavioral issues, substance abuse, low academic performance, and poor self-esteem among children. 

By being present, supportive, and active in their children’s lives, fathers can effectively help to reduce these negative outcomes and contribute to a healthier, more balanced upbringing for their children. 

Jay Twining stresses the importance of breaking the cycle of absent fatherhood and highlights how fathers can positively impact their children by forging strong bonds, being present in their lives, and working on their emotional intelligence. 

Jay underscores the importance of men continuously working on themselves emotionally while paying attention to their children’s needs, thus fostering more balanced relationships within the family.

Mimetic Traps

Mimetic traps, or patterns of behavior, thoughts, and beliefs that we consciously or unconsciously adopt from others, can significantly influence our lives and decisions. Often, people fall into these traps without realizing their impact, leading to perpetual cycles of unfulfilling choices and behaviors. 

One key aspect of personal growth and self-development is recognizing and overcoming these mimetic traps and making well-informed, conscious decisions. 

Jay Twining introduces the concept of mimetic traps in the context of fatherhood, explaining how societal pressures and expectations put on men can lead to falling into these traps, negatively impacting their roles as fathers. He emphasizes the importance of fathers being aware of and countering these mimetic traps by making conscious choices rather than succumbing to external pressures.

The Importance of Fatherhood

Fatherhood plays a vital role in shaping the emotional, social, and intellectual development of children. A strong fatherly presence can not only provide children with essential guidance and support but also lead to healthier relationship patterns within families, creating a stable and nurturing environment. 

Fathers who are present and engaged provide their children with positive role models for emotional intelligence, work ethics, and social behavior. Overcoming societal pressures and stepping into the fatherhood role with attention and intentionality enables fathers to contribute significantly to their children’s lives, and lays the foundation for their lifelong growth and success. 

In the podcast, Jay Twining shares the importance of fathers finding fulfillment in their paternal roles, regardless of societal expectations. Jay emphasizes that being present and engaged in a child’s life not only positively impacts the child’s development but also brings joy and purpose to men themselves. He notes how society’s view of men’s roles has evolved, and more fathers are striving to be involved in their children’s lives, breaking free from traditional constraints and placing importance on nurturing connections with their children.

Jay Twining

Jay Twining is the founder of Feel Good Fatherhood, a community and podcast on fatherhood, and a resident Personal Brand Strategist with Brand Builders Group, the leading personal brand strategy firm.

He has worked with NYT best-selling authors, top 1% Real Estate teams, 10-figure entrepreneurs, elected state officials, and world-renown speakers to develop their personal brand and marketing strategies.

Chapter Summaries:

00:00:00 – Introduction, 

Jerry Dugan introduces the podcast and the guest, Jay Twining, who is the host of YouTube show Feel Good Fatherhood. They discuss the importance of fatherhood and will explore Jay’s journey into fatherhood, including the impact of his relationship with his own father. 

00:06:44 – The Importance of Fatherhood, 

Jay shares his personal story and the importance of fatherhood. He reflects on his relationship with his biological father and how it impacted him. He also highlights the statistics that show the benefits of having a positive father figure in the home versus not having one, including higher graduation rates and lifetime earnings. 

00:10:30 – Finding Purpose in Fatherhood, 

Jay talks about how he came to realize the importance of fatherhood in his own life. He shares how he wanted to fill the gap in his relationship with his own father and create a different experience for his daughter. He also discusses the cultural conversation around masculinity, fatherhood, and men’s roles. 

00:13:11 – Impact of Fatherlessness, 

Jerry and Jay discuss the impact of fatherlessness on children and society as a whole. They highlight the exponential curve of negative outcomes in fatherless households, including increased rates of suicide, homelessness, and food insecurity. They emphasize the importance of serving fathers and men to create positive change. 

00:16:49 – Memetic Traps, 

Jerry and Jay explore the concept of memetic traps and how they can keep people stuck in

00:14:31 – The Importance of Fatherhood, 

Men are finding fulfillment and purpose in the role of fatherhood, with an increase from 10-20% in the 1990s to 47-49% in 2016-2018. However, the concept of friendship has changed with an increase in isolation and loneliness. It’s important for men to break generational patterns, positively impact those around them, and live a good life.

00:19:37 – Masculinity and De-escalation, 

Men who are willing to de-escalate situations and stand in between confrontations are more attractive as potential mates than those who use violence. It’s important to support each other in confrontations and develop emotional maturity. Suicide is a serious issue among men, and it’s crucial to have agency and make conscious choices to avoid memetic traps.

00:25:38 – Memetic Traps, 

Memetic traps are unconscious standards of behavior that can be positive or negative. They can show up as pressure from parents, FOMO, or competing with others. It’s important to consciously make choices and develop an identity based on personal values rather than being fully directed by external influences.

00:28:56 – Fatherhood and Unconscious Questions, 

Children unconsciously look to their fathers to answer two questions: “Am I loved?” and “Am I worthy?” It’s important for fathers to be present and provide sacrificial love, and for children to develop emotional maturity with conscious choices and personal values. The path to failure is being

00:29:47 – Understanding Memetic Traps in Fatherhood, 

Jay explains how he recognized the negative pattern of behavior that he had with his daughter and how it affected her. He emphasizes the importance of understanding memetic traps in fatherhood and how fathers can avoid them.

00:31:13 – Teaching Attention to Detail, 

Jay emphasizes the importance of teaching his daughter attention to detail and thoroughness. He believes that it is a crucial skill that can affect success in a professional capacity. 

00:34:21 – Breaking the Locker Room Talk Memetic Trap, 

Jay discusses the common memetic trap of locker room talk among young boys and the pressure to fit in. He encourages fathers to understand why their sons engage in such behavior and how they can break free from these patterns.

00:35:19 – Embracing the Weird, 

Jay shares a personal experience of proudly using a homemade wallet that his daughter made for him, despite being judged by other men. He emphasizes the importance of not being defined by stereotypes and embracing individuality.

00:39:18 – Continue Being Awesome, 

Jay leaves listeners with a final message to continue being awesome by understanding who they are, their values, and how they show up in the world. He believes that each person has the capability to do truly incredible things and inspire others in their lives.


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