Brett Snodgrass is an entrepreneur, author, and founder of Iron Deep helping Christian men live with purpose and use their business or career as a ministry.

Getting Iron Deep in Unleashing Purpose with Brett Snodgrass – BtR 409

Brett’s realization of living without intentionality and alignment with his Christian values prompted a transformative journey, leading to the inception of Iron Deep.

In a candid conversation with Brett Snodgrass, the founder of Iron Deep Ministry, his journey from a conventional entrepreneur to a purpose-driven leader unfolds. 

Unleashing Purpose by Going Iron Deep

Discovery of Purpose

Brett’s entrepreneurial journey began with a profound realization – he was living a life devoid of intentionality and purpose. Despite his success in business, he felt a misalignment with his core values as a Christian husband and father. This discord propelled him on a quest to rediscover his purpose and align his life with his beliefs.

Leading by Example

Central to Brett’s philosophy is the principle of self-leadership. He emphasizes the importance of leading oneself first before extending leadership to others. By prioritizing self-leadership, Brett exemplifies the transformative power of personal growth and introspection in shaping one’s life according to their values.

Home as the Foundation

For Brett, the journey of purpose begins at home. He underscores the significance of leading one’s home with love and intentionality. By nurturing a supportive and values-driven environment within his family, Brett lays the foundation for a purposeful life that radiates beyond the confines of his household.

Impact through Business

Brett challenges the notion that impactful ministry is exclusive to clergy or non-profit endeavors. Instead, he advocates for leveraging one’s profession as a platform for positive influence. As a businessman, Brett recognizes the potential for godly impact through everyday interactions in the corporate realm.

Empowering Christian Entrepreneurs

Iron Deep Ministry serves as a beacon of inspiration for Christian entrepreneurs seeking to integrate faith and business. Brett’s vision extends beyond personal transformation; he aspires to empower fellow entrepreneurs to lead purpose-driven lives, catalyzing a ripple effect of positive change in their spheres of influence.

Purpose Beyond Profits

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Brett emphasizes that success in business transcends financial gains. True fulfillment stems from aligning business endeavors with one’s values and leveraging them to make a positive impact on society. By prioritizing purpose over profits, Brett advocates for a paradigm shift in entrepreneurial ethos.

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Brett’s philosophy extends to the notion that impactful ministry transcends explicit religious activities. Instead, it manifests through everyday interactions, whether in the workplace or within the family unit. By embodying Christian values in all facets of life, individuals like Brett become conduits for God’s transformative power.

In the narrative of Brett Snodgrass and Iron Deep, we witness the convergence of entrepreneurship and faith, catalyzing a movement of purpose-driven living. Brett’s journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of aligning one’s life with their core values, inspiring others to lead with intentionality and impact. Through Iron Deep, Brett extends a guiding hand to Christian entrepreneurs, nurturing a community where purpose, faith, and business intersect harmoniously for the greater glory of God.

Brett Snodgrass

Brett Snodgrass is a dedicated family man, devout Christian, innovative business leader, and successful real estate investor. Married to his beautiful bride Karen, they are blessed with four lovely children: Kaylin, Ethan, Gavin, and Olivia. The Snodgrass family thrives on creativity, enjoys exploring new locations, and is deeply committed to serving the most vulnerable children in Guatemala. Their faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of their lives and the driving force behind all they do.

In 2021, Brett founded Iron Deep, a unique community for men who seek to merge their Christian faith with their entrepreneurial spirit. Composed of risk-taking, mission-minded male business leaders, Iron Deep encourages its members to prioritize significant purpose in Christ over simple business success. This community of imperfect, broken, and raw men fosters a strong desire for mutual encouragement and support. They root their identities in the “Father’sBusiness,” allowing everything else to flow through that filter.

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There is strength by being in community with other believers. If you’re an entrepreneur and a Christian seeking out a deeper purpose with your life and business, join the next group of Iron Deep where you’ll get a deeper dive into yourself and your relationship with God. 

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