How to Create a Positive Mindset as a Christian Man – BtR 265

Shae Watson on How to Create a Positive Mindset as a Christian Man

PTSD-recovered Army veteran Shea Watson shares how to create a positive mindset by what we put in the pantries of our minds. “Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.” ― Brian Tracy What are the Pressures Christian Men Face? Negative thought patterns are a … Read more

5 Tips on How to Be a Better Working Dad

how to be a better working dad

Is your family life in a rut? Read this article on striking balance becoming a better working dad then check out Beyond the Rut for more advice on making your own path. by Guest Blogger Leslie Campos,   Dads today are more involved than ever. They’re spending time with the kids, pitching in on … Read more

How to Roar Back in Life After an Identity Crisis – Cherlyn Decker

Executive leader Cherlyn Decker faced an identity crisis when the career that defined who she is was gone in an instant over the phone.

Cherlynn Decker shares how to face an identity crisis by claiming new territory in life with your true identity. Cherlynn is the author of the book Roar Back: Transforming Struggle into Strength, and speaks with audiences worldwide on finding your true identity then claiming your territory in life like a lion by roaring back. Identity Crisis … Read more

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