Kingdom Affirmations, written by Christopher S Harold, remind you of whose you are in Christ.

Christopher was stuck in a stale routine in work and life, drowning in over $30k in debt, and his marriage was close to ending in divorce. Today, he inspires people to live a life beyond a stale routine through Kingdom Affirmations.

Kingdom Affirmations

“You have to believe it before you see it,” Christopher S. Harold

The words we speak over ourselves have the power to shape the direction we travel in life. Years ago, Christopher was a high-performing sales representative. His company appreciated the work he was doing. He presented himself as a Christian among his co-workers. From the outside looking in, he seemed to have it all together. 

What others did not see was the looming divorce, the drowning in over $30k in debt, and the readiness to end his own life. Christopher was convinced that his life was wasted and not worth living, that he was not worth living.

One day that changed when a friend called him and spoke positive affirmations over him. It may be bold to say that was enough to create a complete 180-degree turnaround in his life, however, a pivot began no less.

Today, Christopher is still with us, he is happily married with three children. Yes, he and his partner saved their marriage. They’re not just surviving. They’re thriving every day. They climbed out of debt, and eventually reached a point when it was time to quit the day job and turn his side-hustle into a full-time business.

What are affirmations?

The definition from serves as a good explanation for affirmations as “Affirmations are positive statements that can help you to challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying you’re not good enough for your job? You’re worried your co-workers will think you’re a fraud? Too fat? Too skinny? Too out of shape? There’s a negative thought library swirling through our minds holding us back from what we want to achieve. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut in life, you’ll find a bank of self-sabotaging thoughts behind this state.

Chris Harold had tried the usual affirmations and found them to be hollow in his own life. There were “prosperity gospel” if-this-then-that type of formulas he latched onto in those years that led up to a valley in his life. It simply was not working. It was at his lowest point in life when he recognized that his mindset was about what he could get out of God in terms of financial gain and wealth.

Chris was reminded of who he is in Jesus Christ and that he could activate the power of heaven in his life by adjusting the affirmations he poured into his life daily.

Kingdom affirmations will not only lock our mindsets into a positive one they will also put our mindsets in the context of who we are in Jesus Christ.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Life with over $30k in debt, divorce on the table, and ideations of suicide
  • Sales life was draining
  • Announcing on Facebook Live that he quit his job and his employer kept the door open
  • Being at peace with where you are in life and who you are
  • What is it like to step out in a leap of faith?
  • Trusting and obeying that prompting you to have from God
  • How much impact our self-talk has within our mind and over our lives
  • When did Christopher have that ah-ha moment around the power of words, specifically Christian affirmations?
  • A healthy relationship with money – not serving two masters
  • The selfishness to being okay living paycheck-to-paycheck (there’s context to this one)
  • Poverty mindset versus abundance mindset among Christian believers

Christopher Harold – Kingdom Marketing Secrets

Christopher S. Harold is a husband, father of three, Kingdom entrepreneur, online marketing expert, consultant, speaker, author, licensed minister, award-winning music producer, and rapper. He is the founder of God’s Masterpiece Academy and The Kingdom Marketing Secrets Podcast. 

He helps other service-based businesses and entrepreneurs get more clients through his highly acclaimed online marketing consulting, products, and services. More importantly, Christopher helps people discover their life purpose and business assignment while on Earth.

Resources and Links

Get a free copy before supplies run out of Christopher S. Harold’s book, Kingdom Affirmations: How to Activate the Power of Heaven on Earth in Your Words.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to improve your business, check out Christopher’s website

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Kingdom Affirmations Inspire Life Beyond a Stale Routine – BtR 286