Robert Fukui and his wife Kay Lee are a power couple helping people create work-life harmony in business and marriage.

3 Pillars for Work-Life Harmony for Power Couples – BtR 411

I had the privilege of sitting down with Robert and Kay Lee Fukui, the dynamic duo behind

With their extensive experience as founders and authors of Tandem: The married entrepreneurs’ guide for greater work-life balance, and hosts of the “Thriving in Tandem” podcast, they shed light on the intricacies of balancing career aspirations with a thriving marriage.

Aligning Career Goals with Marriage

Robert and Kay Lee Fukui kicked off the conversation by delving into their career aspirations and how they intertwine with their marriage. They emphasized the importance of synchronizing their individual career goals with the collective vision they have for their marriage and business. 

For them, success isn’t just about individual accomplishments but about how those achievements contribute to the growth and stability of their relationship. They highlighted the significance of mutual support and understanding in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship while maintaining a strong marital bond.

Intentional Creation of Work-Life Harmony

The Fukuis stressed the concept of work-life harmony over the traditional notion of work-life balance. They emphasized that achieving harmony between work and personal life is not only possible but imperative for overall well-being and success. 

They shared practical strategies on how power couples can intentionally create more time for family amidst the demands of their careers and businesses. From setting boundaries and prioritizing tasks to effective communication and leveraging each other’s strengths, they emphasized the need for a proactive approach in fostering harmony in both professional and personal spheres.

Robert and Kay Lee Fukui

As a three-sport athlete growing up in California, Robert Fukui learned the power of teamwork and fighting through improbable victories.

These experiences created the foundation for a successful career in sales and marketing, where  he was directly responsible for generating over $150 million in sales.

For over 25 years, Robert led global launches and won multiple sales and leadership awards for brands like Coca-Cola, Novartis Pharmaceutical, and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

As the child of a business owner, Kay Lee Fukui’s formative years revolved around the family feed store.

Working for the family business through college, she watched her dad make his business priority #1 as he let family time take a back seat.

Her entrepreneurial journey found her earning a Bachelors in Business, working for a bank, and becoming the Ambassador President for the Alhambra Chamber of Commerce.

When Robert and Kay Lee officially merged as a power couple in 2006, their marketing consulting soared to new heights by helping entrepreneurs create long-term profitability and sustainability for their companies.

Their work with others uncovered a compartmentalization problem not addressed by couples working together or entrepreneurs with a spouse.

Together, they reaffirmed that it is impossible not to bring home what’s happening at the office and let your home life creep into your work. 


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