Jerry Dugan and Mr Pit-T Sterling Andre Hunter discuss the power of a positive attitude.

Mr. Pit-T the Fool Without a Positive Attitude – Sterling Andre Hunter BtR 256


Sterling Andre Hunter, aka Mr. Pit-T, shares the benefits of having a positive attitude amidst a layoff during the COVID-19 pandemic and taking on a Mr. T persona.

Power of a Positive Attitude

March 2020 was a time of worry and emergency around the world when we were all faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. As nations mandated isolation for safety, businesses went into survival mode. That meant for Sterling Andre Hunter being laid off from a place where he loved to work.

Sterling was not in a position to be able to hunker down and weather the storm. He has a family to support. Sterling weighed all his options and moved him and his daughter back to his hometown where the population density was less than the DFW metro area, Kingsville, Texas. There he was able to take up a job doing pizza delivery. He kept a positive attitude through it all grateful to have work, and grateful to keep his daughter safe.

Over the months that followed, Sterling saw that people could use a smile and he applied his positive attitude and donned the Mr. T persona that brought a smile to his daughter’s face every Halloween. It worked on his customers as well. They would light up seeing him deliver pizza, or pop in a restaurant or store to fulfill a Favor delivery order. He and his daughter eventually move back to Ft. Worth, and his work as a Mr. T impersonator who does deliveries has grown to now include commercial ads and videograms on Mothers Day.

That’s the power of a positive attitude. It’s easy to get down and out during a tough season. It’s easy to let fear overwhelm us and to let bitterness settle in. A positive attitude helps you bounce back up. A positive attitude is contagious and helps others bounce back up. That is the essence of Sterling’s story in this episode.

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Life is short, so why not live it with a positive attitude? - Mr Pit-T Sterling Andre Hunter

Who is Sterling Andre Hunter?

For the last 11 years, Sterling Andrè Hunter dressed up as Mr. T on Halloween both for fun and for his places of employment. He spent about 7 years working at the UNT Health Science Center as an Administrative Assistant and almost 2 years at the Embassy Suites Downtown Fort Worth as a Business Developer.

When the rut that is Covid-19 knocked him out of his position at the Embassy, he moved beyond by transitioning to become a full-time Mr. T Impersonator (his professional name is Mr. pit-T). He does appearances, commercials, special deliveries, anything you can think of but the amazing thing is he does it with so much joy, happiness, and conviction that people sometimes mistake him for the real Mr. T.

His outlook on life is to always keep the biblical reference at the forefront of every situation that “this too shall pass!”

If you need any of his services, he can be reached at [email protected] or (682)261-6122. He pities the fool that doesn’t listen to Beyond the Rut!

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One of Mr. Pit-T’s early commercial appearances in Sterling’s hometown of Kingsville, Texas.

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