Executive leader Cherlyn Decker faced an identity crisis when the career that defined who she is was gone in an instant over the phone.

How to Roar Back in Life After an Identity Crisis – Cherlyn Decker

Cherlynn Decker shares how to face an identity crisis by claiming new territory in life with your true identity.

Cherlynn is the author of the book Roar Back: Transforming Struggle into Strength, and speaks with audiences worldwide on finding your true identity then claiming your territory in life like a lion by roaring back.

Identity Crisis Impacts Us All

Many of us are raised to believe our worth and identity come through what we do for a living. Who are you? I’m an executive leader! I’m a doctor! I’m just a janitor. I’m only a fill-in-the-blank.

Identity crisis can set in when our sense of who we are is confused with our role.

Events like the following may trigger an identity crisis within us:

  • getting married
  • getting divorced or separated
  • moving
  • experiencing a traumatic event
  • losing a loved one
  • losing or getting a job
  • new health issues

The good news is that an identity crisis is not necessarily a mental health diagnosis. The bad news is that it can have you questioning everything in your life. That is not always a bad thing either. There may be practices that you need to give up. There may be things you need to keep doing. And, there may be things you need to begin doing. The important thing is to leverage your moment of crisis to define who you are, take stock of what aligns and doesn’t, then create the life you want.

Who is Cherlynn Decker

Cherlyn’s mission and purpose are to build, equip and train others holistically, in personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Cherlyn partners with busy women who want to trade their chaos for peace, find their identity, and move towards their own purpose.

Cherlynn Decker was a people-pleasing workaholic who believed her identity was defined by her career. She found she was burnt out, spiritually empty, emotionally drained, and sleepless.

A painful, stagnant career ended with a job lay-off, followed by the death of her father to cancer, the betrayal of a friend, and a lonely season of transition in a new city led to a feeling of an identity crisis. She was, on the inside, a broken mess.

Now Cherlyn’s life is different. Her identity crisis ended with her identity being defined through Jesus Christ. As a Christ-follower, she lives fully with the peace and security of who God created her to be and from a position of rest (not striving).

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