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How to Prepare for Truly Living in Retirement – BtR 254

Living in Retirement and Beyond

Jacquie Doucette, host of Beyond Retirement, shares tips on how to prepare for truly living in retirement rather than simply waiting to die.

As Jacquie contemplated her own retirement, she considered what came to mind when she thought about retirement life. What came to mind was a vision of sitting on the couch watching mind-numbing television just waiting for the end of life to show up. This put her on a quest to find out how to create the stage for adventurous living in retirement. In other words, she wanted to live beyond retirement.

We are taught to go to school, get good grades, get a good job, then retire after working 30 or more years. The extent of planning life in retirement typically includes encouragement to invest in a mutual fund, retirement fund, or some other investment vehicle aiming for an arbitrary number.

What about life itself? What is the life you dream of living in retirement? Will you travel? Will you live in a cabin on a mountain? Are there grandkids, and do you wish to live closer to them?

Jacquie shares with us that we should think beyond retirement, or in other words, think beyond the investing side of retirement. Living in retirement does not mean having to barely have your needs met. With the right mindset, you can have what you want, be happy, and enjoy the years you have ahead of you.

living in retirement is about the whole experience and not just the money

Who is Jacquie Doucette?

Jacquie Doucette lives in Canada, and helps fun-loving, adventurous people build a life plan that creates exciting living in retirement. She firmly believes that your retirement is not the end of the road, but the start of the next chapter in your life.

As a health and wellness advocate, Jacquie takes a holistic approach to think about life in retirement. It is not about money alone. There are opportunities all around, even at the end of our careers.

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At Beyond Retirement, Jacquie offers a free discovery call as well as a retirement checklist. Go to for more information.

You can also connect with Jacquie on Facebook at YouCanRetireNow.

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