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2 Simple Steps on Finding Your Purpose in God with Kris Reece

Finding Your Purpose in God

Jerry and special guest host Katina Stith of TrueIdentity.Life discuss two simple steps on finding your purpose in God with Kris Reece, host of the Building Faith Podcast.

Kris found herself asking on the third day out loud, “Is this all there is?” She didn’t ask herself this question. She said it out loud to her husband’s face. How’s that for an eye-opening moment? Since then, Kris has found her purpose in God and helps others do the same to strengthen their own faith and live a life on mission.

Who is Kris Reece?

Kris Reece is the host of the Building Faith Podcast helping others answer the question, “How do I discover my purpose?” Her show leads people through biblically-based discussions to strengthen their understanding of the Bible and what it means applied to their lives. She points out that she is not meant to replace your local church, but to augment it throughout the week.

She firmly believes that we are each created with the purpose of making an impact on the world making it a better place for each other.

Take a listen to this episode as we dive into finding your purpose in God with two simple steps.

finding your purpose in God Kris Reece

Resources and Links

Check out Kris Reece’s website where you can find information on your show, Building Faith Podcast, speaking engagements, and a variety of resources to help you build your faith at

If you feel Katina did a great job filling in as our special guest host, then show her the love by listening to her podcast, TrueIdentity.Life, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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Episode Credits

Guest Host: Katina Stith, host of TrueIdentity.Life podcast

Co-Host, Editing, and Production: Jerry Dugan

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