BtR 257 Amy Rasdal How to Start a Consulting Business

How to Start a Consulting Business from Sunny San Diego – BtR 257

Amy Rasdal, consultant and founder of Billable at the Beach, shares how to start a consulting business.

How to Start a Consulting Business – an Overview

You can become a superhero possessing superpowers working super hours earning super pay as a consultant earning billable hours from anywhere in the world. While this may seem too good to be true, it may be that you haven’t yet met Amy Rasdal from Billable at the Beach who left her corporate job to live out her dream lifestyle while earning more than ever before. 

The truth about your own life is that you have a gift and you can make the world a better place by serving others with your gift. You can change your own life by charging billable hours while serving others with your gifts.

Another truth is that the gig economy is rising and companies need people with superpowers (specific skills and talents) for projects and problem-solving. These companies may not be able to keep someone on the payroll full-time, but they also can’t afford to let these problems continue to plague them. That’s where you may come in for the rescue, then fly off to the sunset after a hard day’s work.

Three Simple Steps on How to Start a Consulting Business

  1. What is it you’re going to sell?
  2. Make a list of people you’re going to tell what you sell.
  3. Let the people on your list know you’re in business.

“Done is better than perfect!” – Amy Rasdal

Other Questions Addressed in this Episode

We tackle some of these questions on how to start a consulting business.

  • How do you overcome imposter syndrome?
  • How much do you consider charging for those first billable hours?
  • How do you overcome objections to your rate?
  • How do you create clarity for your business?
  • What do you need to do to create a funnel of business?
  • How do you move on to the next project and not get trapped?

About Amy Rasdal

Amy Rasdal from Billable at the Beach Coaches you on how to start a consulting business.
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Amy Rasdal traded her corporate job for consulting 15 years ago and makes more money than most executives.  The advantages are freedom, flexibility, control, interesting work, and excellent pay.  She has been running her own multiple 6-figure consulting business for more than 15 years.  As the founder of Billable at the Beach®, Amy has helped hundreds of people start their own successful consulting businesses through speaking, workshops, and various programs over the past 10 years.  Billable at the Beach® liberates 6-figure earners by helping them build 6-figure consulting businesses.  Take control of your career and live the life you deserve.

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