Cliff Ravenscraft talks about the mindset shifts that build your confidence to charge more and charge what you're worth.

Cliff Ravenscraft on Expanding Your Mindset on Your Value – BtR 279

Cliff Ravenscraft talks about the mindset shifts that build your confidence to charge more and charge what you're worth.

Cliff Ravenscraft is The Mindset Answerman who has deep conversations with his clients to identify and overcome limiting beliefs.

Cliff Ravenscraft is The Mindset Answerman

What would you do if you could 100% pursue what you are most passionate about doing in the world?

In 2008, Cliff Ravenscraft left a lucrative career as an insurance agent in his grandfather’s business to make a living from his passion for podcasting. He was known as The Podcast Answerman, and a lot of what he shared over the years influenced Beyond the Rut’s start-up. That has not changed.

Cliff transitioned his platform to talk more about transformation in our own lives as he shared his own weight loss journey in 2014. After losing 100 pounds, and keeping it off with a commitment to no longer consume refined sugar, Cliff Ravenscraft leads mastermind groups that help small business owners, creatives, and professionals break out of their limiting mindsets and achieve their next levels.

It’s All About Mindset

Working with Cliff Ravenscraft means taking a hard look at your own beliefs that are holding you back, and committing to a timeline and action to transform your life. While Forbes magazine may talk about the mindset of money, Cliff has you looking into yourself.

What is your belief in yourself? What do you feel you deserve for your work or product?

Upgrade your peer group to expand your perspective on what is possible. With more perspective, you have more options among which to choose. With more options, your likelihood of success also grows.

We’re talking about belief in yourself, and you get to hear Cliff call me out on some of my own limiting beliefs. This was one of those episodes that had me contemplating my own strategy for Beyond the Rut while editing it for you.

Cliff Ravenscraft talks about changing your beliefs on what you deserve to earn with high-quality, focused relationships.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Recording a podcast from a car
  • Technical advice and demo of the Heil PR-40
  • That time when Cliff turned the table on me and called me out on a rut
  • Leveraging podcasting into a business
  • Getting paid what you’re worth 
  • Bringing value that increases your rate from hundreds of dollars to thousands 
  • The traditional route is not the only route
  • How you need just a few true fans to build the business or living you desire
  • When is it time to upgrade your circle of influence?
  • What the heck are UTM parameters and why Jerry needs to join a mastermind group?
  • Growth comes from an environment that takes you out of your comfort zone
  • Subliminal marketing with the right URL-drops
  • Marketing yourself as a resource and not in a creepy, sleezy way
  • Creating an experience for others in a way they’ll never see the world the same way again and they’ll never forget their conversation with you
  • Increasing your income without scalability, and the mindset to get there

Resources and Links

Cliff Ravenscraft offers up a 60-minute video that will help you shift your mindset on money, and on your own personal beliefs on what you deserve to earn. Go to for that free offer.

Check out the testimonials for this $2000, 4-week, online course Podcasting A to Z

It’s back!, one of the shows that got me started in podcasting!

There is a young man we discuss in this episode who had Cliff’s undivided attention at Podcast Movement 2021. Check out Jonathan Jones Speaks, Beyond the Ball Podcast

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