BtR 095 Nitin Chhoda

Total Activation Beyond the Poverty Mindset with Nitin Chhoda – BtR 095

Nitin Chhoda – An Introduction

Nitin Chhoda is an immigrant who arrived in the US penniless in 2002, in a post 9-11 world. His early years were spent delivering pizza, sleeping in his car, and having little money for winter clothes. Nitin was always a hustler. He became a licensed physical therapist, entrepreneur, author and public speaker by 2007 and now owns several multi-million dollar companies with 30+ employees worldwide.

He is the author of “Total Activation: The 5 Step Fitness Mantra”. It is a dynamic new approach to weight loss and personal wellness. It is a system modeled in three stages of change: Identity, Compare, Integrate (ICI) which has 5 components: Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Intellectual (EPSSI).

In connection, Nitin has created a skincare and nutrition product line that work in synergy to activate the best version of you ( Total Activation is a company that has bootstrapped the entire way. They now happily provide nutrition and skincare products to customers in 7 countries.

As a licensed physical therapist, Nitin is also a co-owner of an industry-leading electronic medical records software, In Touch EMR  (, which offers scheduling, clinical documentation, billing, practice management and referral generation modules for physical therapists.

From being a penniless immigrant to a licensed physical therapist who earns his millions mainly through entrepreneurship in just 15 years, Nitin has shown resilience and hard work actually pays off.


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Book – Total Activation: The New 5 Step Fitness Mantra (Kindle)