Geoff Woods discusses how The ONE Thing can bring clarity on how to best use your time.

Geoff Woods discusses how focusing on The ONE Thing can create clarity for your time, career, business, and life.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Jim Rohn – The five closest people you know and mentorship
  • Geoff Woods learns about The One Thing at a work event
  • Your time matters more than money
  • Why taking a pay cut made sense
  • The secret to gaining clarity on your life
  • Why you need to keep moving the goal posts in your life
  • What is the purpose of a goal?
  • How to be the rider and not the elephant in your life
  • Knowing your current core values is crucial because that is what is showing up

Geoff Woods, CEO of ProduKtive

Geoff was a medical device salesperson making a great income. One day, the company where he was employed needed to cut costs, and they restructured his commission structure. He was still earning a great income, but one thing was certain. He was not in control. No matter how well he performed someone else would decide his sale territory, quotas, and milestones for better or worse.

It was the Jim Rohn quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” that he realized he did not have any mentors in his life who could propel him to another level of freedom and success. That gave him clarity on how to spend his time and changed how he gave and protected his most precious resource, time. This focus further inspired him to work with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan leading ProduKtive, the training arm behind the book The ONE Thing.

Geoff’s passion is to help people have conversations that bring clarity, especially around who one’s mentors are.

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Learn more about how your company can work with Geoff Woods and his team to identify The ONE Thing in your company’s culture at

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Geoff Woods How The One Thing Creates Clarity for Your Time – BtR 280

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