Jim Crider from Intentional Living Financial Planning shares what to ask when hiring a financial planner.

Hiring a Financial Planner So You Can Live Intentionally – BtR 278

Jim Crider from Intentional Living Financial Planning shares what to ask when hiring a financial planner.

Jim Crider discusses the mindset needed to build wealth and what to ask when hiring a financial planner.

Why Should We Consider Hiring a Financial Planner? 

Financial planners are professionals who help people manage their wealth. They are the antidote to the phrase, “Easy come. Easy go.”

Hiring a financial planner makes sense if you want to guide a resource like money to help you create an intentional lifestyle. Business Insider shared these four reasons why someone should hire a financial planner.

  1. Achieving a big purchase goal like buying a house
  2. Accountability for progress made or lost
  3. Get ahead on retirement savings
  4. Professional advice on financial matters big or small

One thing that we should keep in mind is that hiring a financial planner should not be reserved for those weeks or months before you go into retirement. CNBC makes a solid argument that we should consider having a professional in our corner even sooner, maybe even before you start your first job.

What kind of life do you want to live if money was not an obstacle?

Jim Crider, the owner of Intentional Living Financial Planning, is doing exactly what the name of his business implies. He has deep conversations with his clients about the lives they want to live, then puts together the plans needed to pull those dreams into reality.

Jim Crider shares insights on hiring a financial planner.
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In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • A mindset shift about money 
  • Money’s relationship to happiness
  • Golden Handcuffs – feeling trapped even though you make lots of money
  • Searching for what to do next after losing a job
  • Jim’s high-level approach to helping people save marriages and lives through personal finance
  • How knowing your core values is so important
  • What is the difference between a financial planner and a salesperson?
  • Knowing someone’s specialty is important
  • What questions should you ask when hiring a financial planner?

Jim Crider, 

Jim Crider, is a husband, dad of 3 boys, outdoor adventurer, and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Jim is the CEO of Intentional Living FP, a financial planning company designed

specifically to guide clients as they navigate the path to early financial independence for the purpose of spending time with the people they care about and pursuing their passions. 

He understands that money is simply a tool, a resource that is there to help his clients live their dream lives. His role is to guide, to live where his clients’ lives and money intersect, and to help his clients make intentional decisions.

Through thousands of hours of study, tens of thousands of conversations with clients, and countless financial and life goals planned for, Jim and the team at Intentional Living FP know and anticipate the planning opportunities their clients will face, and they serve as a guide to their clients as they navigate the inevitable decisions to be made. 

When he isn’t helping people make financial decisions that will help them spend time doing the things they enjoy with the people they love, Jim is busy being a husband, an outdoor adventurer, and a dad to 3 boys under the age of four!

Resources and Links

Visit Jim’s website where he has a special gift just for you, a free assessment to begin your journey to achieve early financial independence,  https://www.intentionallivingfp.com/beyondtherut

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