Michael David Huey is the founder of He-Fluence coaching business leaders on spiritual fitness and more.

Putting God in Every Area of Your Life with Michael Huey of He-Fluence – BtR 276

Michael David Huey is the founder of He-Fluence coaching business leaders on spiritual fitness and more.

Put God in every area of your life and level up your health, relationships, and wealth with Michael Huey, founder, of He-Fluence.

He-Fluence is About the Whole Person

Beef up your spiritual fitness and you start to shore up your entire self. Michael David Huey, the founder of He-Fluence, shares with us how his approach to fitness consulting and coaching starts with a “DNA test” that helps get to the core of what our struggles are.

From there, we discuss how important it is to have spiritual fitness (5 Steps to Spiritual Fitness) and then go into the value of putting God in charge of every aspect of your life including business. 

It’s common in some parts of the U.S. to be okay with someone’s character having shortcomings as long as “he’s good at business.” Wherever you go, there you are. Your character is the result of your beliefs and behaviors. That is all the more reason to align one’s faith in Jesus Christ in business. 

This does not mean using platitudes to justify bad behavior. We’re talking about being that expression of faith and love that comes through in how we do business.

He-Fluence, be like the buffalo and face your storms.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • How the fitness industry comes up short
  • “DNA testing” can help you dig deeper into the whole person
  • Aligning your business with God in mind
  • Putting God into every area of your life, and how He-Fluence was born
  • Closed doors often point to the ones that have opened
  • Stop with the people-pleasing – love God, love people, build the kingdom
  • Following the prompts on your heart from God
  • Be like the buffalo and face your storm
  • We are not meant to live in mediocrity
  • The benefit to seeing a Christian counselor

Michael Huey, Founder, and Host of Hefluence.com

He-Fluence is based on Michael’s real-life experience of knowing what it’s like to be accomplished yet still overwhelmed. Years ago, a business partner took advantage of Michael’s trust and a business was hurt in the process. 

Michael and his wife worked together to pay off debts and rebuild the trust they had with their clients. He founded He-Fluence to create a powerful movement of confident men and women who have balance and take to take control of their health, relationships & businesses. 

He-Fluence further strives to intentionally raise up the younger generations and guide them with innovative, impactful strategies on how to live their best lives.

Michael earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Ohio State University specializing in Exercise Science & Sports Nutrition, and an Associate’s Degree from Christian Life School of Theology with a focus on relationship counseling. In 2020, he was nominated for entrance to an honoray Ph.D. program in Holistic Nutrition.

He currently lives in Florida with his wife Lisa, and they work together to continue to build the kingdom through their business.

Michael David Huey is building the kingdom through He-Fluence.

Resources and Links

Check out Michael’s Quick Links on Instagram to get started on your DNA for your health.

You can learn more about He-Fluence and working with Michael David Huey through his website, www.michaeldavidhuey.com.

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