What Forrest Gump taught Jerremy Newsome about wealth

At 6-years old, Jerremy Newsome watched the movie “Forrest Gump” with his dad. The lessons he learned about wealth immediately changed his life.

Forrest Gump Inspired a Kid to Build Wealth?!

Jerremy Newsome was just 6 years old when he watched the movie “Forrest Gump” with his dad. Lt. Dan told Forrest one day that he had invested some of their profits in some kind of fruit company, and they wouldn’t need to worry about money anymore.

That prompted a curious boy to ask his dad, “What is investing?” Thinking that answering this one question would be enough, Jerremy’s dad explained investing in a way that worked. They struck a deal, a challenge in a sense, and a 6-year old Jerremy set out to build wealth that day.

He’s been working at it ever since, and shares his lessons learned with those who wish to walk out of the rut of financial struggle. Jerremy talks about wealth building on a level that goes beyond the technical aspects of stock market investing. We’ll talk about the millionaire mindset shifts that need to be in place before you can have that millionaire bank account.

Jerremy Newsome Lessons on Wealth from Forrest Gump


In This Episode

  • You can make more money per hour as an investor than you can in a job
  • How the movie Forrest Gump inspired 6-year old Jerremy to invest
  • What Jerremy’s father did that was so pivotal
  • Experiencing a complete financial loss, then making it back
  • How it’s all about keeping your money safe from risk to make money
  • No one can take away the wealth that is inside your mind
  • Forrest Gump’s investment wasn’t in just any ole fruit company
  • It’s what Forrest Gump did with his wealth that matters
  • Giving is a mindset and lifestyle that exists before you have money
  • Raise your standards in how your mind works and you’ll get paid more
  • You need to have a millionaire mind before you can have a millionaire bank account
  • Why and how to pay yourself first

I also talked about seeing a Taco Bell that had a live band performing in it, and how that reminded me of the movie Demolition Man. Scott Greene from The Llama Lounge podcast, this is for you!

Jerremy Newsome, Financial Mentor

In November 2014, Jerremy Alexander Newsome launched Real Life Trading, a company designed to make trading accessible to everyone. This starting point has allowed him to assist and enrich tens of thousands of lives while also growing the company organically to a seven-figure business.

Jerremy started his love for business and growth at the age of seven, after watching the movie Forrest Gump with his family. Do you remember the scene, where Forrest said, “Lt Dan invested in some fruit company and now we don’t have to worry about money anymore?”

Growing up dirt poor, the thought of never having to worry about money seemed appealing. He asked his father to explain investing and his father taught him about Apple Computers. He begged him to invest. Finally, his father agreed to match his deposit, dollar for dollar.

He saved $1,500 picking blackberries and selling them door to door. They bought $3,000 worth of AAPL shares back in 1995. To date, they would be worth $14,000,000.

Resources and Links

The Purpose of Wealth live event will showcase talents such as marriage and relationship author Shaunti Feldhahn, host of The Millionaire Choice podcast Tony Bradshaw, and Jerremy Newsome. This event will be live in Nashville on October 29, 2021.

Jerremy Newsome offers five courses online about wealth building, and four of them are completely FREE. Go to Real Life Trading to learn more.

You can also buy a copy of Jerremy’s book, Money Grows on Trees, and create that millionaire mindset that will open you up to that millionaire bank account. True wealth building starts in your mind.

Wealth building starts with mindset
Wealth-building starts with mindset. Get a copy from Amazon today. (Affiliate Disclosure)

Ways to connect with Jerremy Newsome and learn more about how to build wealth from his own lessons learned from Forrest Gump, school, and actually investing in the stock market.

Email: [email protected]
Website: jerremynewsome.com
Twitter: @newsomenuggets
Instagram: @jerremynewsome

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What Forrest Gump Taught a 6-Year Old About Wealth – BtR 275

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