Our First Mud Run – Thunderdash 2016

We’re running our first mud run 5K called the Hill Country Thunderdash located in Comfort, Texas. Brandon has been running, getting ready. Jerry has not. Who will win? Who will die?

This will be just the first of a series of 5K challenges we put ourselves through.

Part of our story in this episode includes our attempt to carb load the night before the race. Brandon’s Yelp app helped us find a San Antonio restaurant called Pho Nguyen. We highly recommend it. The food was good, and the service was friendly and great!

The experience wasn’t without some self-inflicted pre-race pain. This is what happens when two men have to show each other up when there’s nothing to prove to each other. Stupid! Hope you get a good laugh out of it.

Join Us for the Next Mud Run

We have a 5K inflatable obstacle course we want to do in December. That’s mainly so our sons will run with us. The next mud run on the horizon is in April 2017.

Stay tuned for news on a Meetup linked to a mud run in the near future. <Cough!>Run Amuck <Cough!> Free t-shirts, good company (not us, you!), and loads of fun…and mud.

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It’s So Spicy! How Not to Carb Load for a Race – BtR 056
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