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Rina is a born-and-raised Calgarian, whose wisdom stems from growing up underprivileged as an only child raised by her single mother, which conditioned her with a victim mentality, she followed the typical ‘system’ and realized that she didn’t fit the corporate mold broke free from the walls that confined her and set off on her own mission. Serendipity has played a huge role in guiding her into her authentic purpose and today, she is nurturing her tribe and helping the masses in more ways than one.

What’s Rina’s Story on Beyond the Rut?

Rina shares with us her story of growing up in a single-parent home and how playtime was always a bit different.

Many of us trade our lives for a paycheck while pursuing someone else’s dreams. For some, living the dream means leaving the corporate life and earning a living as an entrepreneur or small business owner. That was certainly the case for Rina Chong. She shares there is nothing wrong with working for someone else as long as we are pursuing our own dreams.

We learn about the a-ha! moment for Rina, or her last straw depending on how you look at it.

Health has become a major focus for Rina as she nursed her mother back to health. Our conversation leads into the why behind iGalen and living a healthier life.


How to Make Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav

Connect with Rina Chong

Thinking Beyond the Financial Rut by Rina Chong (This is the article that caught our attention.)


When is it Time to Pursue Your Own Dream? Rina Chong – BtR 057
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