Aranama Hiking Trail


Ever ask yourself when you will finally start or take that step?  Ever get tired of the answer?  If you are like most people the answer is every week and YES I’m tired of the answer. Why do we have more fear than confidence? Why do we have the same conversation with ourselves every Sunday

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Stuff is stuff

This may be the biggest hurricane to hit corpus in decades. That could be a really big deal and prayers are really the only option now. The thing I love is the message I got from a great friend reminding me to be safe because stuff is just stuff.  I agree. We can always replace

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Wasting Time in Fear Achieves Nothing

Time to PANIC!

People who know me will tell you I don’t usually panic. Right now where I live we are 48 hours away from a category one hurricane hitting us. Now I am realistic and prepared but I will not panic. Mostly because I have planned and gone thru the checklist with my bride. She is a

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Shove Yourself

In Hebrew the word shove means to change direction. Go in another way and stop doing the wrong thing. In English we consider that word to have a negative meaning most of the time.  If we really consider it though we need someone to shove us sometimes. If we are about to get hit by

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