Children are our distant future

I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way. A grandchild not one of my own. I have always heard that children are our future. Well that is sort of true. They are our distant future. We get really disappointed when they don’t immediately become what we want in life.

The problem?

We need to get out of that RUT thinking. Just because we have always done it doesn’t mean it is good. We need to break out and allow our children to make their own path. I can’t get out of our own way most of the time so it makes sense we need to get out of theirs.

We have to accept that God has a plan for their lives and it may or may not be what you had planned. Too many parents get down early because by 22 their kid is not a doctor or rocket scientist. Go ask your parents if you took the shortest route to adulthood.

Honestly most of us are still on that path trying to find our way. The question is will you give your kids the same kind of grace you give yourself in finding that path? Don’t lament about their decisions and don’t waste time trying to force them to make different ones.

Your job about 18 or so is advice and consent. Not necessarily condoning but accepting what you get from them. 

Now go make your own path and show them how it is done.

Check my friend Shawn, he is doing some things right and learning as he goes.