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What about today?

I am going to do something amazing. Something no one has ever done or will ever do again. Something no one thinks will happen including me. Until now. That’s right I am going to START!  Seems like a simple thing but for most of us it is the point we never get past. If we just start maybe we can do some amazing things. Maybe we can change the world.  Maybe we can be happy. Maybe just maybe we will stop regretting not making our own path.

I know what you are thinking. Will it actually happen?  Yes!  Today is finally the day I take a step. Start to dig that path. Start to move in the direction of …..

What ever it is just do it today!

You don’t have to wait and you don’t have to plan anymore. Just take one step today and then another tomorrow and then another. Do for you because no one is ever going to do it for you. 

Now what step did you take?  Let me know below.