Wasting Time in Fear Achieves Nothing

Time to PANIC!

People who know me will tell you I don’t usually panic. Right now where I live we are 48 hours away from a category one hurricane hitting us. Now I am realistic and prepared but I will not panic. Mostly because I have planned and gone thru the checklist with my bride. She is a super planner so she loves to make a list.

SO when should we panic?

When we have not started!  I’m not talking about a storm as much as I am talking about our life. When we plan and plan or dream and talk about doing stuff but don’t act. We will never reach the destiny God has for us if we never start. So today needs to be the day you act. Don’t tell anyone and don’t write anything down.


I mean maybe today is the day you look back and say: THAT WAS THE DAY!