Getting Beyond the Rut of New Year Resolutions

BtR 019 Getting Beyond the Rut of New Year Resolutions

When the year gets going, people start out the gates excited about their New Year Resolutions, then they start to wane with a few weeks or a couple of months.

Let’s talk about how you can get the most out of the new year so that you feel accomplished by the end of the year rather than regretful you didn’t succeed.

45% to 50% of Americans set resolutions for the new year, and only 8% of Americans actually achieve their new year resolutions. (Psychology Today)

Misalignment of who we are with our goals plus unrealistic expectations lead to failed resolutions and damage to our sense of self worth.


New Year Resolutions: Four Tips to Success

  1. Change your thinking about your self and what you can accomplish
  2. Create realistic goals that align with what you really believe you can do
  3. Be the Tortoise. Small victories every day, the same victory every day. One step in front of the other. Eventually, you find that you have won the race when everyone else has burned out or stopped too soon out of cockiness.
  4. Be accountable with others and yourself. Record your progress honestly and consistently.

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