How and Why to Get Out of the Victim Mentality Rut BtR 020

How and Why to Get Out of the Victim Mentality Rut – BtR 020

Victim Mentality – When Bad Things Happen to Good People

It’s a fact of life. Bad things happen to good people. Bad things also happen to bad people. Bad things just happen. That fact of life does not matter as much as how we respond to it. The worse thing that can happen to any of us is to succumb to a victim mentality, wallowing in that event in a negative, unhealthy way. The victim mentality can prevent people from taking action towards their success. In many cases, it’ll be the very thing that talks you out of making your own path before you ever get started. You’ve probably heard some of these signs of a victim mentality around you, maybe even spoken by you.

  • I can’t get hired in this economy
  • They replaced me with a machine
  • Someone took my job
  • That boss was out to get me
  • Men cheat! They all cheat!

It’s okay to grieve. It’s not okay to stop living life. At some point, you need to make a choice to get out of the rut of a victim mentality. Do not become a victim to whatever has happened to you. Accept it, then conquer it by moving on with your life.

In This Episode

  • Ray Edwards, author of Writing Riches, shared his story of Parkinson’s on ReLaunch Show with Joel Boggess
  • Brandon shares his story of stroke in 1997 and overcoming
  • We all have a choice to get back up and avoid the victim mentality
  • Jerry shares getting fired and how he picked himself back up immediately
  • You have abilities and resources
  • Bethany Hamilton losing her arm to a shark, and now inspiring Jerry’s daughter
  • Michael J. Fox’s fight against Parkinson’s
  • How family history can be a hindrance for some, an obstacle to overcome

Resources and Link

Do Over: Rescue Monday, Reinvent Your Work, and Never Get Stuck by Jon Acuff (Buy it on Amazon)

Strategies to Deal with a Victim Mentality by Judith Orloff, M.D. (Psychology Today)

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