BtR 021 From Ferris Bueller to Scheduling What Matters Most

From Ferris Bueller to Scheduling What Matters Most BtR 021

Ferris Bueller?

Yes,┬áthere was a discussion about the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and some of the life lessons we drew from the movie about making your own path against what is normal in our society. While this episode is by no means an analysis of the movie, we gained some insights from how Ferris Bueller refused to be so eager to follow in the corporate footsteps of his┬ádad and how it contrasted with Cameron’s struggle to stay in that box. All because I said, “Brandon is a righteous dude.”

Schedule What Matters Most

We tend to put our time far from our priorities. Building off the message from BtR 017 regarding Time Management, we dive deeper into the importance of a schedule that notes our milestones, deadlines, and blocking time for what is most important to us.

Some of the things that we may consider most important include the following:

  • Morning spiritual time
  • Time with family
  • Healthy lunch break
  • Physical fitness
  • Personal growth (reading)
  • Podcasting
  • And so much more

Whatever it is you consider most important in your life, how do you set aside time to consistently pursue those aspects of your life?

Bottom line

Respect yourself by respecting and protecting your time with the tips from this episode.


The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey

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BtR 017 Time Management, Tips and Tricks to Avoid the Time Traps in Your Life