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Leaving Corporate Life to Pursue a Dream: Davidson Young from The Leaders Foundry Podcast BtR 022

After a successful stint with Google, Davidson Young began a journey to live life as an entrepreneur for various reasons. Today, Davidson runs his own business as a leadership coach and consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also the host of The Leaders Foundry podcast where leaders are made not born.

On a side note, Davidson and Jerry have been friends since the 6th Grade. In some ways, they are very much alike. In others, they are completely different. Davidson’s on his own in his love for running for example.


In This Episode

Listen to this episode as Davidson talks with Brandon and Jerry about leaving corporate life to pursue a dream including the following:

  • Ultra-marathons
  • The need to grow personally and professionally
  • Who was involved the most important people in his decision
  • Sharing his dream with the right people
  • Aligning decisions with all of his values
  • Making the transition to leaving corporate life
  • Facing the fears (and micro-fears) that could have held him back

“Pursue [your dream] early. Don’t let it linger too long…The longer you put it off the harder it becomes to pursue it.” – Davidson Young

Resources and Links

The Leaders Foundry, check out Davidson’s website and podcast.