Overcoming Fear

Microfears, Overcoming Fear That Hits You for a Moment BtR 023

Overcoming fear is a key part of pursuing your dream. Once in a while, even when things are going well, fear may creep up on you.

Davidson Young left us with a term in BtR 022 that has had Brandon excited for many weeks, microfears. Shortly after leaving corporate life to pursue his passion as a leadership consultant, he would be in a park walking his dogs when fear would strike. It would last just a brief moment, but in that brief moment, he’d thing about losing customers, not gaining new business, going bankrupt and then becoming homeless. After a few seconds of near panic, it would subside and he would continue on with his day.

A microfear according to Davidson is a fear that hits you for a brief moment out of nowhere. It’s not so much the scope of the fear itself, but the duration. They’re brief. If left unchecked, they can spiral into something much worse and debilitating.

In this episode, Brandon and Jerry discuss microfears a little deeper and share insights into Davidson’s ability to overcome fear and make those moments of fear small, passing moments. They’re microfears because Davidson chooses to make them so, his secret to overcoming fear includes things like having a plan, stating the assets and resources he has that make his fears ridiculous, and choosing to move forward with his day.

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