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Growth by Encouraging and Mentoring Others BtR 024

Growth Mentoring Others

You grow and succeed by helping other people grow and succeed. You can mentor someone right now with the skills, knowledge, and experience you currently possess. As you connect with others sharing that wealth of knowledge, you may find yourself growing as well.

People can learn from you even if you do not commit to a 1-to-1 relationship. Sharing what you know through blogging, podcasting, interviewing, and so on will encourage and equip others.

Why This Episode

Brandon and Jerry discuss the benefits of mentoring others, and the importance of recharging yourself so that you can be a benefit to others. Practical scripts are provided to help you be a better mentor to someone in a way that works. People are more likely to succeed in a goal if they feel they have ownership and strong emotional connection to their goals.

Resources and Links

Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott