How Married Couples Can Exercise Selfless Love and Make the World a Better Place – BtR 231

selfless love bill hutcheson beyond the rut

Bill Hutcheson shares his experiences in marriage and ministry to show us how our marriages based on selfless love can drive purpose and passion. About William “Bill” Hutcheson We each have a selfless love story within us and within our own marriages. Bill Hutcheson combines his experiences working in ministry and counseling couples to help … Read more

Dad Coming Home Military Veteran Ben Killoy on Fatherhood – BtR 229

Marine Corps veteran, Ben Killoy, discusses the importance of dad coming home and being home and building a tribe of dad friends. Ben Killoy – Military Veteran with a Dad Podcast Ben Killoy is a U.S. Marine Veteran turned blogger, life coach, speaker, and podcaster whose mission is to bring Military Veteran Dads home to … Read more

Fathering Together a Non-Profit to Encourage the Positive Role of Fathers – BtR 228

Dr. Christopher Lewis shares the evolution of a simple blog into a platform that encourages the positive presence and role of fathers. Dr. Christopher Lewis Chris is the father of 2 daughters that are now in their tweens and teens. He started Dad of Divas, a blog to share his own personal experiences in being a … Read more

Joel W Hawbaker Bringing Help for Blended Families – BtR 226

Joel is a blended family coach, author, and speaker who loves helping blended families overcome obstacles and grow by teaching them the 10 Commandments of Blended Family Life. About Joel W Hawbaker Joel is a divorced and remarried father of two. He currently lives in Alabama with his wife, his two daughters, and their two … Read more

On the Brighter Side of Marriage, Life and Business – Monica Tanner BtR 225

Monica Tanner is the host of On the Brighter Side, a show that focuses on healthy marriages. About Monica Tanner Monica Tanner is a wife and mother of 4 amazingly talented and wonderful children.  She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a bachelor’s degree … Read more

Overcoming Destructive Anger in Your Marriage – Natalie and Mike Hixson BtR 210

Natalie Hixson is a wife and mom. She is an author and Certified Professional Life Coach. Her mission and passion is helping discouraged and burnt out Christian moms overcome destructive anger so they enjoy being a wife and mom. Natalie, her husband Mike and their three daughters live in beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Resources and Links … Read more

Taking the Fear Out of Dating and Marriage with Rob McPhillips – BtR 209

Rob McPhillips shows people how to manage their fears so they can build relationships where they can just be themselves and be loved for that. Rob McPhillips With three decades of experience as a therapist, coach, and psychologist, Rob McPhillips has researched and observed the outcomes of thousands of clients regarding the structure of happiness, … Read more

Changing Education by Helping Teachers, Parents and Schools Get Creative and Inspired – BtR 198

education on fire

Music teacher and podcaster Mark Taylor is changing education by helping teachers, parents and schools find creative ways to inspire students for a brighter tomorrow. Resources and Links Visit Education on Fire and listen to Mark’s podcast network. Listen to Mark’s interview with Jerry on the role parents have in educating their children in a … Read more