Beyond the Rut turns 8 and we're sharing 8 powerful lessons to living beyond the rut from 8 years of podcasting.

8 Powerful Lessons Learned from 8 Years of Podcasting – BtR 381

Beyond the Rut turned 8 years old! Join me as we reflect on eight years of experiences, uncovering eight powerful lessons that help create a life worth living in your faith, family, and career. 

Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to break free from the rut.

Beyond the Rut turns 8 and we're sharing 8 powerful lessons to living beyond the rut from 8 years of podcasting.

In this special episode of “Beyond the Rut with Jerry Dugan,” we are celebrating the eighth birthday of the podcast by reflecting on eight lessons learned over the years. 

Special guests and I will share eight valuable lessons that have helped us create a life worth living in faith, family, and career. 

Some of our key moments and chapters from the podcast will include the importance of forgiveness and growth, creativity and resourcefulness, support for goal achievement, establishing habits for success, and the supportive role of having a good group of people around you.

One notable moment is when Cliff Ravenscraft, once (and still) known as The Podcast Answer Man, shares his advice on living beyond the rut, which is to read great books. 

Another guest, Chris Staron, emphasizes the significance of being quick to forgive oneself and others, drawing inspiration from his experience in improv comedy.

I want to thank you all who have been on this journey with me whether you’re just joining me or have been here since episode BtR 001.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Apply eight lessons learned from eight years of Beyond the Rut
  • Appreciate and continue being a lifelong learner
  • Feel encouraged to move ahead with your plans and dreams

I Want to Hear from You!

Comment below and share with me your favorite lesson learned from listening to Beyond the Rut. 

You can also call and leave a voicemail at (469) 608-0355. Let me know in the voicemail if you’d like me to use your message in a future episode of Beyond the Rut.

Our Special Guests

Brandon Cunningham

Brandon Thunderdash 2016

Brandon was the original idea man behind the team that launched Beyond the Rut in 2015. It’s amazing what you can get a couple of guys to do with a free lunch and a vision to make an impact that affects generations. I appreciate that Brandon came out of his BtR retirement to share a fond memory that led us into the first lesson of this episode. Today, he is an associate pastor at his church and spends all the time he can with his grandchildren.

Scott Greene

W. Scott Greene returns to discuss how to prepare yourself for the next level of your career.

Currently, Scott is a friend who can boast of having the most Beyond the Rut guest appearances…so far. He’s getting a run for his money from Jody Maberry of The Jody Maberry Show. Scott’s background as a leader in the United States Air Force and in organizational development played a major part in his one piece of advice on how to create a life worth living. You need to know your values and take the time to figure them out if you don’t know them.

You can listen to Scott’s past appearances here:

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Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft talks about the mindset shifts that build your confidence to charge more and charge what you're worth.

Cliff is one of the first podcasters I followed when I learned how to podcast ten years ago. Back then, he was known as The Podcast Answerman and gave away a free audio course and video tutorials on how to create and run a podcast getting the most out of what you have now.

I got to meet Cliff in person during the 2021 Podcast Movement conference in Nashville, Tennessee and we’ve been friends ever since. The one thing I’ve learned in being friends with Cliff is that you will be stretched out of your comfort when you talk with him. It’s just who he is and his heart to help people live their best lives.

Podcasting since 2005, Cliff currently hosts multiple shows including a reboot of The Podcast Answerman, but is most known for The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

You can listen to my interview with him on BtR 279 where we talk about Expanding Your Mindset on Your Value.

Sha Sparks

Help People Self Talk
Sha Sparks helps people get out of their self-talk ruts.

Sha Sparks is another friend I made while attending a Podcast Movement conference. This time it was in 2019 in Orlando, Florida, and she has since been on Beyond the Rut a handful of times and we run in a lot of the same circles in the podcasting space.

Her show The Power of Investing in People is worth checking out, and you can also listen to her past appearances below:

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Chris Staron

Chris Staron Portrait

Chris Staron founder and host of The Truce Podcast discusses why he started his show and the link between Christianity, multi-level marketing, and Napoleon.

Chris is the award-winning filmmaker behind Bringing Up Bobby and Between the Walls. He’s also the author of the dramatic Christian thriller Cradle Robber. His heart is for people who are on the outside edges of popular Christianity: the under-represented, the skeptics, and those hurt by the church.

Truce is a vehicle to express the unmet needs of outsiders. When he’s not juggling multiple episodes at the same time, Chris enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, improv comedy, and teaching Sunday school.

You can also listen to our conversation with Chris on this show, The Truce Podcast, Multi-Level Marketing and Napoleon with Chris Staron.


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00:15:03 Lesson 5 with Cliff Ravenscraft

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00:21:06 Lesson 7 with Sha Sparks

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Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut in life or in a dead end job with no progression? I’m Jerry Dugan and welcome to Beyond The Rut. The podcast that offers you the motivation, inspiration and practical tool to help you build a life worth living. My show is here to help you break free from your limitations and find a path to success. Join me as I share encouraging stories and actionable advice on how to get out of your rut in life and create a vision for your future life is just too short to live stuck in a rut. Here we go. Hey, what is going on, Rutter Nation?

I am your host, Jerry Dugan. And this is a special episode. The first one I like it in the eight years of Beyond the rut. It’s the birthday episode. That’s right. August 15th, 2015 was when we launched the first episode of Beyond the Rut. And this is going to be eight lessons learned from beyond the rut for the last eight years or over the last eight years. So that’s what we’re going to do. Uh I, so I’ve got eight lessons learned. And the cool thing is I’ve brought back some of my past guests to share with me their one piece of advice to live a beyond the rut life. So how can you create a life worth living in your faith, family and career?

Here are eight lessons I’ve learned. And the cool thing is I’ve learned it from great guests like the folks we’re going to hear from in this episode. So to kick us off, I brought back the original host of the show, Brandon Cunningham. He was one of the founders. There used to be three of us myself, Sean and Brandon. And I asked Brandon if he would like to say a special shout out on its eighth birthday of this show as we carry on this legacy and live our lives beyond the rut. So Brandon take it away.

Hello, welcome to Beyond the Rut. I heard that so many times, but uh this is Brandon Cunningham. I’m one of the founders of Beyond the Rut. And uh I think this is an amazing anniversary.

I’m so thrilled by what Jerry has been able to do with this podcast. Uh I think we took it to a certain level, but then he took it to the stratosphere. He did a great job. I think my favorite memory is just me and Jerry building forts trying to figure out the sound at the church. Those were the most fun Saturdays. We would spend most of the day recording multiple episodes. But the Fort building at the beginning to make sure the sound was good was my favorite part by far. So Jerry, I love you. I appreciate you. And I’m so impressed by what you’ve been able to do with this podcast and changing people’s lives.

Now, go make your own path and live beyond the rut. Now, what I loved about Brandon’s message, even though he didn’t really give us a piece of advice. He touched on a very important thing that we need to keep in mind. And it’s something I learned with beyond the rut. And that is we may not have all the resources that we feel like we need to have. You know, when we launched beyond the rut, we had a budget of zero. So our original, I, I kid you not our original logo that arrow in beyond the rut.

I created all of that in MS paint, not even can MS paint. And that arrow was the result of me putting together and overlaying 25 lines to get the curve just right. And then another 8 to 10 lines to get the arrowhead or the arrow tip just right. So when Sean asked me one day, if we could have that arrow in red or blue or change the angle, I said no. And the reason was because it took so long to create that stinking arrow. And I mean, I kept that arrow for as long as I could until I rebranded the show just a couple of years ago. Uh Now the message here though is work with what you’ve got. And that was the key thing, you know, we needed a studio, studio quality space, but all we had were some screens as well as some leftover blankets. So we built blanket forts and we spoke into those blanket forts uh for weeks, months, actually years, to be honest and we had fun with it.

I mean, some of you, you may remember the social media posts that had us showing off these blanket forts and you know, when it was time to do the intro and the outro we’d leave the equipment set up and I would just move the microphone into a tighter space of the Blanket Fort and then cover it and close myself in. And I would record those introductions and those closing uh notes in the dark. Uh So fun times and again, with a low budget, we worked with what we had, but we did not take away from the standard or the quality of the show. So when we could upgrade to microphones, we did, when we could get something to dampen the sound, we made it happen. And for for years, believe it or not, we didn’t pay for hosting on our show. I actually directly uploaded to Amazon web services and I found ways to bring that information over to our website and to syndicate on Apple podcast, Spotify and so on.

I don’t recommend anybody do that. In hindsight, that wasn’t worth the time that the 10 to 20 bucks it would have cost per month to just have something like Buzz Sprout do that for us would have been great. It would have given us a lot more time. It would have given me a lot less headaches. So that’s how passionate I was about this show to figure out ways to make it happen with next to no money in the budget. So the next lesson I want to share with you that was learned. Uh I’m gonna let Scott Green share that with you. And if you think that Scott sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been on the show more than any other guest in the history so far of Beyond the rut uh even more than Jody May. So Scott take it away.

Hey, Rutter Nation W Scott Green here. I’m a strategic planning and innovation officer. I’ve also been an organizational development manager, talent and leadership consultant. I in leadership blogger and co-host of the Llama Lounge Podcast. But my true claim to fame is holding the record of most guest spots on the Beyond the Rut podcast. Jerry Dugan is been a Trailblazer for the past eight years in this industry and has inspired and supported me and many other colleagues on their journey. So, in honor of the eighth birthday of the Beyond the Rut podcast.

I’d like to offer one piece of advice from getting out of your rut. This advice is this, evaluate your values too often. We get caught up in focusing on getting the promotion, the six figure salary, the corner office, you name it and that we forget to focus on the things that we say are truly important to us. It’s easy to get out of alignment when we are not living our values. If we say things like faith and family are important to us, but they’re not evident in our actions, we tend to struggle and sat in finding satisfaction in everything we do. I encourage you to try these couple of things slow down, evaluate your values, write down what’s important to you, then schedule time to focus on things that are related to this.

If you say your, your value, your faith have you built in time to pray meditate or worship. If you say you value your family, are they getting your best or what’s left over at the end of the day, take time to build activities into your schedule that allow you to put your values in action. I’m confident that you will find more satisfaction in your life when you place a priority on these things. Thank you for listening and congratulations to Jerry on eight years of making a difference and there you have it. If you want to do anything in life and do it well and do it for the long haul and do it with consistency.

You have to know your values, you need to know what you stand for and what you stand against. And when you know those values, you can consistently say no, I will not do that decision. I will not take that course of action because it goes against my values or I will do this for this person. I will serve in this way. I will do these steps because they do align with who I am and my core values, values are important because it leads into the third lesson as well. And that is I learned in the eight years of being a part of beyond the rut, how to share my vision for any project with clarity and believe it or not brevity. Yeah, that’s right. I can be short with my words. Uh And it’s been a journey since 2019 when I went to my first podcast movement and people would ask me, hey, what’s your show?

Oh, it’s Beyond the run. Great. What is your show about? Well, you know, it’s aimed at men who are Christian. They’re in their thirties and forties. And I would just go on and on and on and I would tell you the story of AJ and you, if you’ve been with the show for a while, you know AJ is the Avatar for this show, Avatar show. And I also talk about AJ in my book Beyond the rut.

Now the thing is over time, two things were happening. People were first, I mean, they were checking out when I started going through this long story about who the show is for. And I wasn’t really connecting with folks. I wasn’t getting people excited about beyond the rut. And over time, I was also getting tired of saying the same thing over and over and over and, and over time, I learned to say Beyond the rut is a show about helping people create a life they feel is worth living in their faith, family and career. So in other words, I want to help you have your cake, which is your career or your business. And I want you to be able to eat that cake as well. And that is succeeding in your family relationships and in your faith journey. So in essence, I just kick it off with, yeah, my show is about encouraging people to create a life worth living in their faith, family and career. And then if people get excited, I’ll go on and tell them the rest of that. So being able to share the vision of Beyond the rut in that way is what led me to be able to market a book, put a book together in the first place and then tell people, what’s your book about?

This is what it’s about. It’s in the subtitle. What’s your show about the same thing? Except I use other people’s stories to get there and to apply the, the principles and the rut framework and the lens of the five Fs.

All because I have this vision, I want to help people create a life worth living in their faith, family and career. Now, if we dig a little bit deeper, my target audience is Christian men in their thirties and forties who are married, they have Children and they have all the boxes checked of what success should look like. But they feel just deep down inside, they feel empty and they feel stuck in a rut. So our show not only shares encouraging stories and inspiration, we also share practical tips, tools and advice to help you get out of that rut and live beyond that rut. So that is another lesson I learned. In fact, that’s the third lesson to be able to share my vision with clarity and brevity.

Now, this also leads me into the fourth lesson I learned and that was, I mean, I already knew the power of goals, but I really got to know the power of goals and achieving like the secret to achieving goals. So that’s the fourth lesson that I learned in the eight years of beyond the rut is the secret to achieving my goals. Now, if you’ve read my book, you know that I discovered during the writing of that book that there are four key ingredients to achieving your goals. The first one is you got to have them written, whether you choose to use the smart format, which I think is very great. Um or not, you know, some people like to write their goals in the past tense, like it’s already achieved, others write them in the present tense as if this is who you are now and others will write it in the future tense. But if you write it down, that’s better than not writing it at all. But write it with specificity.

What exactly is it you want to achieve that aligns with your vision and your values. That’s the key thing. So write them out, but also have them aligned with your vision and your values. Uh Because if you’re creating goals that really aren’t aligned with who you want to become or who you are, then you’re just really not going to go after those goals. And that, that’s a fact. It’s your track record with goals probably says whether or not what I’m saying is true.

Actually, it’s gonna say what I’m saying is true. There you go. So the second ingredient though with achieving goals was and is you gotta have a commitment to action, a daily commitment to action that’s going to build momentum to get to where you want to go. That is a measurable activity that’s going to drive your measurable outcome. Now, the third thing is you tell somebody about it and I’ll be beyond the rut.

I share with you my goals all the time. Uh In fact, I had said just months ago or a year ago, almost that I’m writing a book that put it out there. I need to write a book and it was like the fire under my rear end to keep moving forward for something I said was important to me to share with the world. And that was the ideas and the lessons learned from beyond the rut. So that’s the third key and the fourth key with achieving your goals is to do regular check ins. So in my case with that book, I had a book writing coach through self publishing school, help me get there. But I also have other groups that I use and leverage to help me stay on track. And if I didn’t have those groups, I would just turn to my wife Olivia and share my progress with her and I do it whether or not I’m in these groups. Uh Sometimes it drives her nuts and sometimes she’s excited to see the progress, but then she gets annoyed when I keep sharing the progress updates and the progress is we haven’t had any progress. So that’s something to keep in mind. So goals, but more specifically that fourth lesson I learned was achieving my goals.

Fifth lesson, I’m going to let Cliff Ravens Craft from the Cliff Ravens Craft show some of us old timers in podcasting know him as the podcast answer man. Uh More folks today know him as the mindset answer man. And I’ve just followed his journey from talking about all things podcasting to his life transformation and where he is now. So this is his one piece of advice to live beyond the rut. Take it away, Cliff Jerry. It is Cliff Ravenscraft here. And I just wanted to say congratulations on eight years of beyond the rut.

Hey, my tip for getting beyond the rut is read great books. And if you don’t like to read great books or read books at all, start with the four agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz 2.5 hours and you’re done and it will change your life. I could not agree more cliff read. Great books is huge because there’s a saying I learned this from Jeff Brown uh from the lead read to Lead Podcast and his book is read to Lead. Uh and it’s a quote from Harry S Truman and that is not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers. And that’s because reading opens you up to the minds of other people out there, other experts, other thinkers thought in uh thought leaders, influencers, however you want to say it. Uh And, and so when you read, you’re getting different perspectives that are beyond what you see right now, especially if you’re reading a book that’s outside your usual comfort zone. So I’m a big fan of reading.

I’m also a big fan of listening to podcasts watching youtube. I do have a bit of an addiction to tiktok but who doesn’t? Probably a lot of people. But, um, anyway, that’s not important. Reading is huge and tied in with that though.

You know, I, I talk a lot about looking at your life through the lens of the five Fs, faith, family, fitness, finances and future possibility. Reading is a direct connection to opening up those future possibilities. So, if you’re a learner at heart, always a learner, a lifelong learner as the my friends at Llama Lounge before they closed up shop with their podcast would say their motto was life learning and leadership. So being a good leader meant you were constantly learning what’s new out there, what’s new that I can learn from the people I lead, how can I lead my people better? These are all things that connect to learning and you’re always growing because I believe if you’re not growing, you’re dying. And the one thing you should always be growing is your mind and your mind set.

Now that ties in and, and leads me into the next lesson I learned. Lesson number six. And that is the power of Habit. You know, that’s the Charles Duhigg title for his book. And I know a lot of people keep quoting atomic habits. And yes, I will read that book eventually someday soon because it’s, it’s kind of that must read, right? But the power of habit, you know, there are things I want to achieve, you know, uh, lately I’ve been walking every single moment morning at, for 30 minutes and I’ve seen six or £7 come off of me in just less than a month and I’m feeling good, I’m able to tie my shoes without not breathing.

Uh, and I’m feeling like I got more energy throughout the day. In fact, I’m recording this in the evening when I’m usually drained of energy. But because I’m getting out and moving, that’s the result of habit. So, what am I doing? I am basically setting up before I go to bed, the things I will need to get out of bed, put my shoes on my socks, my shorts, T shirt and go out the door and go walking for 30 minutes. If I want to listen to podcasts, I, I make sure my airpods and my phone are also fully charged and that those are also close by wherever it is.

I’m going to be pulling everything together. So that way I can’t say, well, I can’t go into that space there. I’m going to make too much noise if I do this or I’m not scrambling to find things because I’ve talked about this in my book. If it takes me more than 20 seconds to get the things together, I need, I’m probably not gonna do it. I’m probably gonna need to get distracted very easily and move on to something else.

And, and so the power of habit having those things in place, like my socks, my shorts, my workout clothes next to the bed, my shoes by the door, um, my airpods and my phone close by so that it just, it’s a flow from bed to door. Everything I need is in that alignment. When I come back from my, my walk, I’m a little sweaty and, and so I know I’m gonna get some water and rehydrate, but I also want a cup of coffee to kind of perk up. So not only is the water in the fridge, but next to the fridge is my coffee making station. So my, my uh kettle is there. Uh my coffee grounds filters, coffee mugs, everything I would want to and need to, to brew my cup of coffee is right there in the same place.

I’m not looking for stuff and it, it goes for anything. Yeah, whatever the motions are, I’ve got everything set up so that when there’s a trigger I go and do and everything I need is in that spot. So the power of habits putting things in place so that those habits are easy to build and it just becomes a part of who I am.

Now, the seventh lesson is going to come from a former guest, Shay Sparks. Now, all these folks, by the way, have been guests on my show at least once. Shay has been on the show twice. Uh Scott again. He wants everybody to know. He’s got the record since this is an episode.

I think it’s like five appearances to Jodie’s three. I don’t know why it’s a competition between those two. but you know. Yeah. Anyway, Shay, take it away.

Hey, Shay Sparks here, host of the power of investing in people podcasts. And my advice for living beyond the rut is to ask for support, to be willing to be vulnerable enough to know that you’re not alone and that you can’t do this alone. There are plenty of people out there who want to care for you and will care for you. And that is huge from Shay. Uh I met her at podcast movement 2019 and she’s been one of those folks I’ve been able to go to for support and also have been able to give support and encouragement to, to see her transformation over the years, to see her growth in her show and her platform over the years has been amazing and, and she just, she has a foothold in helping veterans live their best life. Huge, huge. And we also cross paths in a bunch of other groups.

You know, ever since I, even before I left my corporate job in 2022 I was a part of a group called Christian Podcasters Association and that group was very encouraging for me and they still are, they’re the ones who said to me, you need to write your book. Everybody else is writing a book based on their show or they’re starting a show based on their book, Jerry. You’ve got a message to pull together to help people write that book. And they’ve been with me every step of that journey and even beyond, because I still get recommended to shows from that group to help encourage me and help me promote my book. So that’s huge. But there are other groups I’ve tied in with that have helped me and helped me see a wider future and a wider horizon.

The Phoenix Club hosted by Jody Maybury, originally founded by Dan Cockrell. And uh you may have heard those names because they’ve been on this show. Well, Jody opened my eyes up into a world of leadership and specifically a niche of leadership. I’m a big fan of and always wanted access to. And that was this Walt Disney World or Walt Disney Company leadership culture. So now I’m in this group that has Dan Cockrell, Lee Cockrell, uh Mike Simmons, um uh Jeff Barnes and, and so many more guys. So Phoenicians, if you’re listening to this and you’re like, what about me? Yes, you too. I just, I’m on the fly here and I couldn’t remember your name on the fly.

I’m so sorry, I will see you, Tuesday. Uh But then there’s another group run by and founded by my friend Vincent Polii, who’s been a two time guest on this show total life. Freedom is all about how do you help people achieve the results they want in their life and also set this up in a way that you provide like some kind of stadium seating that helps you yourself as the entrepreneur, create freedom, money, freedom, time, freedom, and just life, freedom in general. So for me, I want to travel, one of my bucket list items is to visit every Disney Park in the world.

Well, I’m gonna need money for that. I’m gonna be need to be able to take time off a week at a time, at least to visit these parks. And you know, I’ve got my passport ready to go, I just need to create that freedom. So these groups help me think in a way I normally didn’t. So am I able to think beyond a 9 to 5 regimen and a Monday through Friday schedule and thinking that my income can only come from one place.

Yes, because of these groups, because of these connections and the goals I’m achieving is because these groups are asking me, what is your goal for the week. What’s your goal for the year? Three years, five years from now? And as I’m sharing my goals with them, I’m going back to those four ingredients to achieving my goals. I’m sharing it with multiple people who care about my success almost as much as I care about my success. And that is huge. So Shay thank you so much for bringing up that lesson about having supportive people around you.

Now, over time, you, you’ve got this vision, you’ve got these goals, you’re out there trying to make things happen. People say no, you find yourself not really feeling like doing the thing today, whatever that thing is and you miss your goal for the day or you miss your goals for the week. This next lesson is very important. So, uh Chris Dare uh from Ru podcast who looks at Christianity in today’s world and helps you kind of dissect the things that have gone on historically that have led us to where we are in certain areas of the church.

Chris, tell us what is your one piece of advice to living beyond the rut, Happy Birthday beyond the rut and Jerry, congratulations on getting the show to go this long and doing such a great job with it. My name is Chris Star and I’m the host of the Truth Podcast and a former guest on Beyond The Rut, maybe a future guest as well. And I think that my favorite way of living beyond the rut but is uh being quick to forgive. I learned this from doing improv comedy. You know, when you, you were doing a show and it’s just you and your crew up there, you need to be able to forgive yourself and each other quickly so you can move on to the next scene and do your best without holding on to that old baggage. And I think it applies to life again.

Happy birthday uh on the rut. Congratulations and God willing. Eight more years. Wow. When he said that I was like, that is totally something Chris would say that the ability to forgive quickly, to quickly forgive, to, to go there as fast as possible so that you can move forward, that you can move on, move past the thing that you’re upset about and the one person you got to be able to forgive the quickest is yourself. So when you mess up, own it, yes, I did that I messed up.

This was the impact it had, I need to make things right. However, I need to first forgive myself so I can move past that moment and make things right a tone for my sins in a sense. Uh And that is huge. That’s been the eighth lesson for myself.

There have been weeks where I did not put an episode out on Monday and it was very easy to say, you know what that was pretty easy to do, um or to make myself feel bad. You know what I did not put it out on on Monday and all the experts in podcasting tell you never miss a Monday, but I’ll tell you over the last eight years of beyond the rut. I have missed Mondays and none of you have died because of it. I hope, oh, man, I shouldn’t laugh about that. I’m so sorry. Army humor. It’s dark. I hate it when it comes out. Uh It, it comes out. So I hope you forgive me because I’m going to forgive myself on that and move forward.

Uh, because you know my heart, it’s to help you create a life worth living in your faith, family and career. While I’m also pursuing the creation of a life, I feel it’s worth living in my faith, family and career. And I’m bringing along the people who matter most to get there. So those have been the eight lessons I’ve picked up over the last eight years of doing beyond the rut. Uh And, and again, just to recap, you know, work with what you’ve got, you know, you may not have all the pieces or the perfect equipment or the best platform, but learn the skills you need and make the best out of what you’ve got already. Uh The second lesson was know your values, what do you stand for? What do you not stand for? And let that drive into the third lesson, let’s be able to, to state your vision with clarity and brevity and also in alignment with your values. And then from there, you can create goals that are, you know, measurable, not just in the outcomes but measurable more importantly in the activities because it’s the activities that are going to drive the results.

That fifth lesson was from cliff Ravens craft and we talked about read great books and he even gave you a tip on a book to read the four agreements. Uh and then, you know, six create habits that will help drive your success. And not just that, you know, you got your trigger, you’ve got the activity, the behavior and you got your reward, but also to simplify the process and support the success of those habits to put the things you need in the path you’re going to go. So that the carrying out of those habits is also easy. Uh And the seventh lesson was from Shay Sparks about surround yourself with people who are going to support you. They’re gonna give you encouragement, they’re going to give you feedback.

They’re gonna pick, help you pick yourself back up when you fall in. And then that also leads into the eighth lesson that we got from Chris Dare, which is to learn how to quickly forgive others, but also quick to forgive yourself. So there you have it. Those are eight lessons I’ve picked up over the last eight years from beyond the rut. And I’m looking forward to seeing what lessons I continue to learn as this show continues. But I also want to hear from you, what are the lessons you’ve picked up from listening to this show? Uh And I’d like you to share them with me. Uh The, the ways you can do it two ways.

One, you can email me and just tell me what is it a lesson you picked up from listening to Beyond the rut that you want to share. And if you give me permission, I’ll read it in a future episode of Beyond The Rut. The second way is you can call in and leave a voicemail and I’ll play it in one of our future episodes. Uh So the number I want you to dial is 4696080355. Leave a voicemail. I’ll be able to pull that from Google voice and I’ll incorporate it into a future episode of Beyond the Rut.

That’s all I’ve got. If you want to see those eight lessons all together, you can check out the show notes at beyond the rut dot com slash 381. And yes, Scott, this means you have like really cinched down being the most, um, the, the person with the most appearances as a guest on this show. I think you’re at five now. We’ll go back and count later. Uh Jodie, we gotta get you caught up because I know you’re competitive too. Uh But again, everybody else, I’m glad you joined me for this episode of Beyond The Rut. And I look forward to joining you again on the next one. But more importantly, until next time, go live life Beyond the rut. Take care