Fred Stoeker helps men overcome porn addiction and thrive in their marriages as a result.

Powerful Strategies for Couples Battling Pornography: Insights with Fred Stoeker – BtR 383

Do you want to break free from the grip of pornography addiction and experience true freedom and restoration? 

Fred Stoeker helps men overcome porn addiction and thrive in their marriages as a result.

In this episode, our guest Fred Stoeker will be revealing the keys to overcoming this addiction so that you can reclaim your life and find lasting healing. Get ready to discover the pathway to liberation and the resources you need to achieve victory over pornography, allowing you to embrace a life filled with purpose, intimacy, and wholeness.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Delve into the damaging effects of pornography addiction on relationships and marital bonds.
  • Expose the hidden triggers of sexual sin and its pull.
  • Understand the crucial role of spousal support in the fight against addiction.
  • Learn how intimacy with God can anchor your journey toward sexual purity.
  • Master practical and accessible tools to champion the battle against pornography addiction. 

My special guest is Fred Stoeker

Drawing from decades of experience and personal triumph over pornography addiction, Fred Stoeker is an influential figure in the world of Christian self-help for men. His best-selling book, Every Man’s Battle, helped countless men with practical advice to make a “covenant with their eyes” to overcome their addiction to pornography and experience greater intimacy with their spouses.

His latest book, Battle On Battle Over, is an endeavor with his wife sharing insights on another vulnerability both men and women face in a pornography-dominated world. 

As a steadfast proponent of men’s ability to overcome their dependencies, Fred embodies the fight against the often-unseen battles many men face today. 

His four-decade-long, prosperous marriage further highlights his credibility in navigating the challenges of life, love, and faith.

Damaging effects of pornography addiction

Understanding the damaging effects of an addiction to pornography is a crucial piece of achieving and maintaining recovery. This addiction can negatively impact all aspects of life, including relationships, work, and mental health. Fred Stoeker provides a firsthand account of his struggle with pornography, emphasizing the devastating effect it had on his marriage, and highlighting the need for open communication and collective effort to overcome such issues.

Hidden triggers of sexual sin

It’s essential to identify the deeper roots of sexual sin, which could be tied to non-sexual issues like financial pressure or a sense of inadequacy. Fred Stoeker shares his personal experience, stressing that these triggers can lead us astray, seeking momentary relief in unhealthy habits instead of addressing the root problems. Ultimately, understanding and dealing with these hidden triggers is pivotal to achieving lasting freedom from addiction and retaining sexual purity.

Crucial role of spousal support

Offering spousal support plays a critical role in overcoming any form of addiction, more so in battling a pornography addiction. Fred emphasizes that when a spouse engages with her partner in this struggle, the chances of success increase significantly. This collaborative approach not only helps in building trust and intimacy but also aids in the overall healing process, fostering a healthier and stronger relationship between the partners.

00:01:58 – Brenda and Fred’s Background

00:06:03 – Growth and Forgiveness

00:09:14 – Vulnerability to Sexual Gratification

00:12:26 – Overcoming Sexual Addiction

00:14:42 – The Non-Sexual Roots of Sexual Sin

00:19:50 – The Stealth Trap and Porn Addiction in Women

00:24:03 – False Intimacy and the Need for Genuine Connection

00:29:45 – Building a Connection with God through Reading the Bible

00:30:49 – The Importance of Wives Joining the Battle

00:32:23 – Accountability and Rebuilding Trust

Fred Stoeker – Helping Fight Every Man’s Battle

Facing a moment of truth regarding his sexual purity a couple of years after his wedding in 1981, Fred Stoeker is well aware of the battle men face with sexual sin. After stumbling upon his father’s Playboy magazine under his Dad’s bed in first grade, Fred struggled with pornographic materials for the next twenty years or so. 

Despite entering a committed relationship with Jesus Christ at age 23, Fred continued to struggle with pornography until his wedding the following year. He quickly found that marriage did not eliminate the problem and the negative effects of his sexual sin upon his intimacy with God and with his wife Brenda grew more each year.

Fred Stoeker
Fred and Brenda Stoeker, Battle On Battle Over co-authors

Fred’s marriage to Brenda now spans thirty happy years in the Des Moines area and has been blessed by the birth of two sons and two daughters, one now married, one in graduate school and two in college, all serving God faithfully and purely. 


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