Prenup lawyer Aaron Thomas is saving marriages through communication tools that work.

Must-Have Marriage Tips from Prenup Lawyer Aaron Thomas – BtR 294

What if prenup lawyers get a bad rap and you can gain valuable marriage tips that help prevent divorce?

Prenup lawyer Aaron Thomas is saving marriages through communication tools that work.

Prenup Agreements – More Than Meets the Eye

When I was approached to have prenup lawyer Aaron Thomas talk about prenuptial agreements on Beyond the Rut, I was a bit skeptical at first this would be a good fit. I’m glad I was wrong! The more I learned about Aaron Thomas the more I learned the value that a prenup agreement has in creating a healthy marriage relationship from the beginning. 

The conversation was not just about pre-married couples either. There are valuable marriage tips any married couple can glean from this conversation.

Creating a prenup agreement can help establish transparency from the start of a marriage. Isn’t that a foundation of a healthy marriage?  

They say money is the number one cause of arguments among married couples. Prenup agreements help establish awareness of the current financial state before you get married, how the finances will be handled during the marriage, and in the worst-case scenario, how will finances be managed during a divorce or even the loss of your loved one.

Prenup agreements can also identify what is the process to check in on the relationship, everything from money, arguments, and to what comes next. Do you want to have a framework on how to have healthy communication during any conflict in a marriage? A prenup agreement can help establish that.

It turns out prenuptial agreements not only can help set the stage for a healthy marriage for years on end, but you can also apply those same principles in the process used by Aaron Thomas to create a healthy marriage today. So whether or not you plan to have a prenup agreement listen to the show to gain some valuable lessons on having a happy healthy mom marriage. 

Prenup Lawyer Aaron Thomas

Prenup lawyer Aaron Thomas shares how a prenuptial agreement facilitates communication for a healthy marriage.
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Founding Attorney Aaron Thomas is a well-known litigator, having won dozens of jury trials and bench trials across the state of Georgia. He practices exclusively family law, representing clients in cases of divorce, custody, and child support. In 2020, Aaron launched, a friendly and fair take on the premarital/postmarital agreement. While prenups often have a bad reputation, Aaron promotes them as a useful tool for modern couples that want to start their financial relationship in an intentional, transparent, and fair way.

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Money is the #1 source of arguments in marriage – how prenup lawyers can help
  • Typical themes in a prenup agreement with Aaron Thomas
  • Transparency as the foundation for a healthy marriage
  • Using a prenuptial agreement as a divorce prevention tool
  • Defining healthy communication processes
  • Having a plan for all the just-in-case moments that can happen

You can learn more about prenuptial agreements at

Aaron Thomas may be able to help you create a prenup agreement or other family law situation. Learn more at

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