Building a healthy marriage using business tools and skills like a SWOT analysis with Joe pomeroy

SWOT Analysis for a Healthy Marriage – BtR 293

Joe Pomeroy helps business-minded men apply business skills into home skills like a SWOT analysis for a healthy marriage.

Business-minded People Can Have a Healthy Marriage

Business-minded people have great skills when it comes to negotiation, business relationships, building trust, establishing clarity, and so much more. These are skills that make them successful at the office. Why should there be any struggle in a marriage?

A lot of the same skills used to make somebody successful at work can also be applied in personal relationships to create things like trust, clarity, and ultimately happiness.

Success magazine talks about 8 important characteristics that lead to a healthy marriage. Some of those characteristics include things like intentionality, empathy, and shared values. Don’t these sound familiar with what it takes to run a team, create business deals, and have success at work?

What is a SWOT Analysis?

One of the skills that can help you establish preventive maintenance care in your marriage is the SWOT analysis. You may be wondering what is that? It’s simply an inventory tool to think through the current state and health of a business.  A SWOT analysis looks at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

Business does this type of exercise all the time to see what their strengths and weaknesses are in their industry. They look at the opportunities for growth to have more success than they’ve already experienced. SWOT analysis helps identify where the competition is taking ground to possibly take down your business.

Similarly, a marriage faces opportunities and threats and needs to consider its strengths and weaknesses. Every couple has all four of those things all the time. It makes sense to apply this tool to conversations from time to time.

Maybe you want to acknowledge that you have a strength when it comes to establishing quiet time with each other after work. Maybe a weakness your marriage has is how brutal your arguments can be towards one another. That leads to identifying an opportunity to set ground rules for engagement when conflict arises. Knowing what threatens your marriage means you can now address those threats. 

Joe Pomeroy 

Joe Pomeroy teaches business-minded men how to translate their work skills to their home life, so they can quickly become the husbands and dads they once dreamt and promised to become. 

Joe Pomeroy learned the hard way that helping lead an 8 figure business means nothing if your family is walking out the door. So he spent years studying family relationships and discovered a secret that would change his family forever. Now, his 3D Family Framework has become the new way business-minded men are becoming the husbands and dads they once promised to be…even if family comes hard.

His mantra has become: “Save the Family, Save the World.”

Joe is an author, entrepreneur coach, and host of the podcast moving forward with Joe Pomeroy. 

In This Episode

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • Business skills that lead to a healthy marriage
  • The argument that became a cry for help
  • Humility and vulnerability as strengths in a marriage
  • SWOT analysis as a tool for relationships
  • Business lessons applied to parenting
  • The importance of being an engaged and present father at home

You can learn more about Joe Pomeroy at

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