Bob Wheatley is the author of Our Hearts' Desire and takes you on a journey of how storytelling can help you discover your true self.

Discover Your True Self through Storytelling with Bob Wheatley – BtR 367

Bob Wheatley’s quest for a love story takes an unexpected twist when he realizes the truth about his role in a grander narrative. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking journey that will challenge your understanding of life’s ultimate purpose. Are you ready to join Bob on his quest and discover your true self?

Bob Wheatley is the author of Our Hearts' Desire and takes you on a journey of how storytelling can help you discover your true self.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Examine the crucial elements of self-discovery and storytelling in forging your unique journey.
  • Gain insights into the intriguing authorship of the Bible and its all-embracing story.
  • Understand the significance of trusting God’s plan and the impact of surrender on personal growth.
  • Discern the desires that steer you toward a divine connection and eternal happiness.
  • Master the art of engaging multiple senses for optimum information absorption.

My special guest is Bob Wheatley

Introducing Bob Wheatley, a former pro athlete and radio co-host with a passion for storytelling and helping others on their self-discovery journey. Through his experiences in the minor leagues and strong Christian faith, Bob has developed a keen understanding of the power of stories in shaping our lives. As co-host of That Singles’ Show, he shares this knowledge and provides valuable insights to singles seeking growth.

The Power of Stories

Stories play a vital role in shaping our understanding of the world and our place in it. They allow us to explore hidden desires, make sense of our struggles, and ultimately, grasp the true meaning of our lives. The power of stories lies in their universality – heroes, villains, love interests, and expressions of happiness permeate every narrative, regardless of its origin. This common thread in storytelling helps us uncover the things we want the most out of life and leads us to a deeper understanding of the human experience. 

Bob Wheatley delves into the significance of stories and their potential to reveal our deepest desires by drawing examples from biblical texts. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing the common patterns in stories and how they reflect our journey in life. 

By appreciating the universality of storytelling, Wheatley believes individuals can gain insight into their own desires and aspirations, enabling them to embark on a meaningful journey of self-discovery.

We Are Part of the Greatest Story Ever Written

Being aware of our desires and understanding the stories they reveal is key to achieving self-discovery and personal growth. It is essential to remember that our lives are intertwined with a greater narrative, encompassing God’s plan for humanity. 

By recognizing our place within this story, we can begin to appreciate how our desires and aspirations fit into the bigger picture. Jerry Dugan and Bob Wheatley emphasize the importance of acknowledging that we are part of the most amazing story ever written. 

As we embrace this understanding, we are encouraged to align ourselves with God’s plan and pursue true happiness and fulfillment. Fully grasping our roles in this story allows us to discover our true desires, achieve personal growth, and eventually, find the paradise we have been longing for.

Pay Attention to Your Desires

Awareness of our desires is a crucial step towards personal growth and understanding the true nature of our lives. It requires us to explore the motives behind our desires, which often reveal deeper truths about our aspirations, fears, and longings. 

Reflecting on our desires not only helps us understand our place in the world, but it also encourages us to pursue what brings us genuine happiness and contentment. In the podcast, Bob Wheatley urges the audience to pay close attention to their desires and the stories they tell themselves. He shares how unraveling the deeper meanings behind our desires can ultimately lead us to a longing for paradise – a place of comfort, love, and acceptance. 

Wheatley’s perspective sheds light on the importance of being aware of our desires and how they point to our true nature and aspirations.

Bob Wheatley

Bob Wheatley and Books

Bob is the author of Our Hearts’ Desires: How Our Stories Reveal the Thing We Want Most as well as a podcaster, and former professional athlete. He serves as a co-host of That Singles’ Show, a singles ministry sponsored by KCBI Christian Radio in Dallas. 

Through his work with That Singles’ Show, Bob has worked with bestselling authors, keynote speakers, and world-class musicians, including people like Rory Vaden, Rachel Cruze, Jason Gray, and Christian Huff. His work has also been featured on nationally syndicated radio stations like WAY-FM and THE FISH. 

As an author and content creator, Bob has a passion for helping young Christians grow closer to God and experience the love and connection they are missing.

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Bob played four years of professional baseball in the Toronto Blue Jays’ and St. Louis Cardinals’ minor league systems. In his spare time, Bob likes to read, write, hike, and watch sports. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.


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