Thunderdash is a 5K mud run. It’s the race Brandon and I ran in September 2016.

Sloshing through mud pits and over 20 obstacles including a 40-foot tire wall in an active quarry is as exciting as it sounds.

We are inviting you to join us as we interview the founders of the race, Kevin and Laura Tift.

The Tifts’ Story

Kevin and Laura are going to share with us the following:

  • How they made Thunderdash profitable in two years
  • How they leverage land and people resources to bring a highly organized, fun-filled event year-after-year
  • How they face the challenges of running a business, especially around insurance
  • How Thunderdash is funding their retirement and dream vacations
  • How they created a side business of helping other organize their own 5K races

While organizing a race may not be in your dreamlist, you can learn a lot about their story for your own dream.

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Join us on the 9am wave of the Thunderdash 5K. Team name is “The Rutters”. Click on “Team” button, then register as a “Teammate”.

Check out the race info for Thunderdash at

Contact Us

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Leave a voicemail by calling 361-596-3788


Thunderdash Founders Kevin and Laura Tift Racing to Their Dream – BtR 088
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