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Brandon is Training for a Triathlon?!

Brandon and Jerry discuss Brandon’s upcoming triathlon, his first-ever. The race starts with a 400-yard swim, followed by a 14-mile bicycle ride, and finished with a 5K run.

How is he training? Why is he doing it? What’s in it for you?

This episode is not so much about encouraging you to run a triathlon yourself, so don’t panic. It is, however, an episode about inspiring and equipping you to make your own path and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Recently, Brandon has been slimming down, improving his diet, and increasing his daily exercise regimen. Weird, right? Both Brandon and Jerry ran in a 5K mud run called Thunderdash. While Jerry hung up his participation medal with pride, Brandon saw an opportunity to push himself a little further. Maybe a lot further.

He’s racing in a triathlon at the end of October!

Here’s the thing. Brandon doesn’t even own a bicycle. Listen to him share his story of bootstrapping for a race, training daily, and putting it all together. The end result has been more energy, more confidence, and more of living the dream.


Couch to 5K App,

It’s So Spicy! How Not to Carb Load for a Race – BtR 056

Race with Brandon – Sign up for the 4th Annual Boo Bash Triathlon in Portland, TX

Join Jerry and his son Jacob on the Insane Inflatable 5K in Corpus Christi on December 17, 2016

Corpus Christi Harbor Half Marathon – Brandon’s goal is to run in the 10K November 2016

How to Start a Daily Running Habit by Darius Foroux

Use Your Smartphone to Lose Weight by Jerry Dugan

Pre-race. Putting bike in place.
Pre-race. Putting bike in place.


Pre-race. Swim prep.
Pre-race. Swim prep.
Starting the race with a 400-yard swim.
Starting the race with a 400-yard swim.
14-mile bicycle ride.
14-mile bicycle ride.
5K run! Boom! "Jerry, you're missing out!"
5K run! Boom! “Jerry, you’re missing out!”
Jerry: Did you spike that shirt like a football? Brandon: Yup!
Jerry: Did you spike that shirt like a football?
Brandon: Yup!

Brandon is Training for a Triathlon – BtR 059
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