It Works!

Brandon didn’t feel healthy. He was over weight, then he decided to do something about it.

Since the start of 2016, Brandon has lost over 30 lbs and he is keeping it off.

Whatever he is doing, it works!

You may have heard about his journey in recent episodes.

We are diving deeper into his eating habits, his workouts, and what nutrition supplements have helped him.


Disclaimer #1 – Brandon is a distributor for It Works!® He makes money by selling their products.

Disclaimer #2 – Jerry is not a distributor of It Works!® and has no plans to become one either.

Disclaimer #3 – Brandon resisted talking about this product line for fear that it would come off as an infomercial. It was Jerry’s idea to share how it’s one part of his overall journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Disclaimer #4 – Neither Brandon nor Jerry are fitness experts. You should definitely consult your physician and actually fitness experts before taking on any fitness program, especially one that involves weight loss.


Brandon’s page. Check out It Works®.

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