Tom Schwab Podcast Guest Marketing BtR 058

Marketing Your Business as a Podcast Guest – BtR 058

Being a podcast guest can help you market your business, new book, online course, or special cause. Tom Schwab discusses why and how.

We also have Tom share his story about seeking job security with careers in the military and corporate America. In both cases, he was surprised.

Your job security is connected to your ability to serve others. Interview Valet is successful because of the service they provide to their clients and to the podcasts who host them like Beyond the Rut.

Podcasting is the New Networking

Joel Boggess from ReLaunch Show wrote an article on how podcasting is the new networking. Check out the link in the Resources section below.

As a podcast guest, you can share your authentic self, your vision, and how you can serve people in a down-to-earth, conversational manner. You don’t get that from a 30-second commercial or 2-minute television interview.

Sinatra Only Sang

They say that Frank Sinatra only focused on singing. He relied on others to take care of the things that were important to his career, yet not the best use of his talents.

Entrepreneurs, authors, and speakers leverage Interview Valet so they can focus on what they do best. Interview Valet searches for podcasts that fit their clients’ needs, reach out for interviews, and provide both the podcaster and the podcast guest with research portfolios to prepare both sides.

Our interviews with both Tom Schwab and Matt Miller were arranged through Interview Valet and the experience has spoiled Brandon and I.

Tom Schwab Bio

What’s ordinary to you is amazing to me.

Tom Schwab is the founder of Interview Valet. He helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers get featured on leading podcasts that their prospects are already listening to.

Schwab shows them how to turn listeners into leads. His team delivers entertaining and actionable information that you can use today!

Tom is also attempting to win the Guiness World Record for podcast interviews.


9 Secrets to Getting Booked on Your First Podcast – Special gift to you from Tom Schwab

Our interview with Matt Miller, client of Interview Valet and founder of School Spirit Vending

Podcasting is the New Networking by Joel Boggess on The Huffington Post