Solo Hiking – Lessons Learned from My First Solo Backpacking Trip (a Rebroadcast) – BtR 141


by Jerry

Every quest has a season where it feels like you are going it alone. That is synonymous with my first solo-hiking trip taken last summer. Texas heat scorches during the Summer. We joke about it being a dry heat, but I really don’t know why that matters. It’s still friggin’ hot! With those hot temperatures also came a flurry of you-shouldn’t-go comments from friends and family. I heard it all.

It’s too hot.

You don’t know what kind of animals are out there.

What if you get hurt?

What if it gets cold?

Similar to what Eric Giuliani encountered before he traveled around the world for three years without using air transportation, I knew that I was not receiving rational advice. These were the fears they held onto. They were doing their best to pass them on to me. I guess if I somehow caved in to their fear, the comfort zones stayed intact. If I went on this trip, even though it was an overnight shakedown trip to test out some gear, it meant I was willing to overcome their fears and who am I to do that?

Don’t Worry About Everyone Else’s Fears

When serving others, especially in healthcare or sales, yes, you want to worry about the fear others have and help them navigate through that fear. When it comes to making your own path and pursuing your dreams, don’t worry about the fears others have. Simply worry about overcoming your own through educating yourself, good planning, then taking that first step to try it out.

If something goes wrong, take failure as a lesson learned and not a reason to never try again.

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